Compare Cyber Security Solutions For Business In A Glimpse 

Compare Cyber Security Solutions For Business In A Glimpse 

The number of different cybersecurity solutions might be overwhelming. It is understandable that there are multiple threats and naturally several solutions and precautions, but this definitely does not make it easy to decide on a security solution for your business. 

We have a great selection of cybersecurity solutions for basically every kind of cyberattack out there. Although all of the solutions we will discuss are great options, every business is different and every business has different needs, so be sure to consider the specific cybersecurity needs of your company. 

Without further ado, let’s see some of the most holistic and comprehensive approaches to cybersecurity right now on the market and help you get the best thing for your business’s cybersecurity needs. 

1-Identity And Access Management 

Access to private networks and verification of the users who access these databases are obviously one of the most essential things to secure in any given situation. In essence, this cybersecurity solution makes sure that only allowed people are accessing the right information at the right time and via the right ways. 

Each user and tool within the network are considered identities and this solution’s job is to verify these identities, figure out the permissions they have, and guarantee that they do not have any ways of unauthorized access in any part of the network. It’s a great way to ensure that users are verified before using the database and after verification, they only see what they really need. 


Firewalls are probably the backbone of every cybersecurity solution out there. It helps you control the damage in case of a cyberattack and watch over your network at all times so no unauthorized connections are coming in or malicious activities are happening on your network. 

Although this is certainly not a granular security method that does not pinpoint any specific issue, it sure is a great foundation for a robust cybersecurity structure. You need a guardian for your network who can prevent connection attempts that are designed to cripple your database.

3-Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is pretty much the thing that everyone talks about regarding modern cybersecurity solutions. SASE is a cybersecurity architecture consisting of multiple services such as SD-WAN, Zero Trust, and CASB which together provide edge-to-edge security to private networks. This is not a product on its own, it’s a framework that when done correctly, is impenetrable. 

Every SASE solution will vary depending on the needs of your business. Although this may sound intimidating, you are not alone on this path. You can check out NordLayer Decision Maker’s kit for cybersecurity and make the best decision for your company when it comes to a SASE solution.

Please remember that you are the one who knows your company the best, so be aware of your needs and do not forget that a proper SASE solution will be the remedy for most of the cyber threats you encounter. 

4-Remote Access VPN 

Remote access is a huge deal in this day and age where a lot of us are working from the comfort of our homes. But business owners do not have the luxury to be deceived by the comfort and benefits of the remote work model since it also poses great risks to every business network. 

These risks include device theft, unsanitized devices with malware, old versions of software, or insufficient verification methods. Luckily you do have a way to respond to all these threats; a remote access VPN. 

These solutions create a private tunnel between your employee’s device and your main network, making sure the data traveling between them is encrypted, anonymous, and private. These tools also utilize advanced authentication methods for end-users so device theft and other physical threats are also eliminated. 

5-Zero Trust Network Access 

Not trusting anything seems to be a good idea when it comes to protecting your private network. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a part of the SASE framework, but can certainly be implemented separately. This cybersecurity solution lives by the philosophy of “never trust, always verify”. 

The main function of this service is to authenticate every user and tool within a network before granting them access. This means that the security is now inside your network as well as the outside unlike more conventional methods of security such as firewalls. 

Prior to this approach, any and all entities within the network were considered trustworthy, increasing the likelihood of internal data breaches and eliminating the ability to contain a potential cyberattack. Luckily, Zero Trust is here to protect networks from the inside out. 

6-Software-defined Perimeter (SDP)

The network perimeter is traditionally based on hardware such as physical data centers and servers. However, the online world is changing and the network perimeter is becoming more obsolete every day. SDP is a great response to this trend since it basically takes the perimeter from the hardware and bases it on software. 

What this actually does is make your network invisible to any unauthorized parties online and protects your servers and databases by hiding them from malicious users. Despite this, authorized and authenticated users of course still do have access to everything they need. Basing your network perimeter on the software is a great way to simplify access to allowed users and protect your infrastructure from others.


Choosing the correct cybersecurity solution for your business is definitely a challenging thing to do. The best cybersecurity practice for your company will change drastically depending on your specific needs, and having this many choices is not helping at all. 

We figured that there are some clear winners compared to other ones and created this list which glimpses over to give you an idea of how they operate and what can they add to your cybersecurity structure. Be informed that there is no solution that will be the magical touch to your cybersecurity needs, but all of these are as comprehensive as they get.