Cleaning An Apartment After Moving

Cleaning An Apartment After Moving

You are moving to a new apartment, and you just want to arrange your things in the new dwelling. There is a quite natural desire that the new housing is clean so that putting everything in its place, you can enjoy the comfort of a new home. Unfortunately, before you start living in a new place, you need to do the cleaning, which will take a lot of time and effort, because things and furniture are already in the house and, being packed, they occupy a large area.

Besides, leaving an old apartment, it is crucial to remember that the dwelling you have left should be also clean. And if cleaning in a new home is something that you can do, in the case with the dwelling you will no longer live in, you can resort to move out cleaning services Spokane from professionals.


There are no lovers of dirty kitchens. Moreover, the smells that remain after cooking linger in the room for a very long time. The kitchen is the place where you will spend a lot of time and you should make sure that every surface is cleaned in it. Consider yourself lucky if the previous tenants were not active users of household kitchen appliances and they turned out to be not particularly dirty.

Most often, when cleaning kitchen appliances, you have to use heavy cleaners and a wide range of household chemicals. Start with cleaning the stove and oven, where various cleaning materials and a lot of time can be needed

The next thing you might need to clean is the refrigerator. It may turn out to be clean, but for sure you will want to rinse it again. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface of the refrigerator and safe chemicals to clean the interior walls, shelves, and vegetable drawers. Then move it away from the wall to clean it of dust and cobwebs behind.

Use neutral cleaners and soft cloths to clean the inside of kitchen cabinets. Pay special attention to the upper surface of the kitchen unit. Depending on the surface of the furniture, whether it be wood, plastic, or glass, select exactly the necessary household chemicals for gentle cleaning of the surface.

Sinks And Toilet

The most important nuance in cleaning sinks and toilets is disinfection and removal of all unpleasant odors.


Clean the walls before you start unpacking and arranging your furniture. It is crucial to examine the walls for sticky and greasy stains and wash them with soapy water. After that, all dust and cobwebs should be removed. The next step is to wash all the switches, sockets, doors, and doorways.

Mopping Floors

Whenever cleaning carpeted or carpeted floors, make sure to use a steam cleaner. In the event that previous residents had pets, it might be necessary to carry out disinfection to protect yourself from possible parasites. If there is parquet, laminate, and linoleum on the floor in the room, wash it using specialized detergents.

After cleaning your new home, you are ready to unpack and settle into your new place.