Ancient Ruins And Historical Wonders Of Sri Lanka

Ancient Ruins And Historical Wonders Of Sri Lanka

This island pearl of the Indian Ocean is one of the most endearing and treasure-filled lands that glistens in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere. The nation is blessed with the natural beauty of great geographical phenomena, natural wonders, monuments, enigmatic ruins, and tales of the past. The nation welcomes many aspiring travellers throughout the world simply for its serene waterfronts, historical landmarks, and folklore-backed structures that are worth every penny spent. The ruins have stood as a testimony to the changing times all in their splendorous glamour and true beauty that cannot be surpassed. History and culture are closely woven to the roots of the Lankan Island and the Srilankan Airlines Booking has made many wanderers’ dreams come true with quality travel and comfort.

Listed below are some of the most exceptional ruins and historical wonders in Sri Lanka.

1. Adam’s Peak 

There is more than one reason why Adam’s Peak in central Sri Lanka is the most amusing geographical feature ever to visit. This towering peak at the centre of the hilly grassland is said to behold the sacred footprint of Buddha. The location and its religious imminence are why the peak is most visited and is better viewed at night when the fog clears.

2. The Dambulla Cave Temple

Seated at a climbing height of 160m is this ancient temple complex that has been preserved since its establishment 20-odd centuries ago. As the oldest preserved cave temple, this shrine with its 120 sculptures and amazing wall paintings is well preserved after being banned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress

  The most dramatic ruin in Sri Lanka has got to be this rock fortress built in 400 AD under the ruler Kasyapa. Comfortably seated at an altitude of 660 ft on a rock, this fortress is known for its breathtaking location and view. It also ensures a comfortable, well-planned architecture with all the modern amenities. It is UNESCO-listed and sports a spectacular view when viewed from opposite Pidurangala Rock.

4. Polonnaruwa 

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa houses one of the world’s oldest preserved Buddhist shrines, the Vatadage. It depicts the Chola dynasty’s architecture embedded in the Bhramanic theme. The Vatadage are the Buddhist institutions that have a huge sculpture or carving seated over a stone or a brick with a wooden roof.

5. World’s End, Horton Plains

This ridge and plain combination are a transcending experience to watch and cherish. The Horton’s Plain Plateau is 880 metres tall with its rugged and ripped ridge facing the low-lying plains, tea plantations, and villages. Early morning views and the cascading waterfalls in this region are sure to humble you with the truth of how great and god-sent nature is.

6. The Jaffna Fort

Located in the coastal region of Gurunagar, this fort is a symbol of the Portuguese invasion of the land that was then handed over to the Dutch. This fort with its beaming lagoon has one of the most alluring and historical architecture that depicts both foreign and inland taste.

7. Belilena

The Belilena cave is located in the jungle of the region and is said to be the home of evidence of prehistoric man. The 10 skeletal remains collectively called the Balangoda Man are the proud features of Greenland. This cave is said to show varied historical evidence dating back to 32,000 years ago. 

8. Tooth Relic temple

This temple near the Kandy Lake in the Kandy region is said to host one of the teeth of Buddha. The object is said to be locked in a golden casket placed inside another bigger one and so on. Though it is not kept out in the open for the public eye, the temple in itself is a treat to the eyes with a historical and cultural thirst. 

9. The Galle Town

This seaside town fortress is now standing tall to witness the cultural realm of the ancient world. This Dutch-occupied town facing the sea is well known for the watchtower facing the Indian oceans and its fortified walls that meet the crashing waves bid well to seaborne travellers.