Tips On How To Transform Your Rental Home In Delhi Using Mesmerizing Wall Art

How To Transform Your Rental Home In Delhi Using Mesmerizing Wall Art

When did you last take an unbiased look at your home or office? Does it lack character and life? Could it be more inviting, relaxed, and inspiring? Art is one of the best ways to give your space life and personality. When I was finalising and looking for rent flats in Delhi, I always paid extra attention to the size of the walls because I love displaying the wall art I have collected over the years. Simply put, wall art for the living room changes the look. For instance, the right wall art design can make a small room more extensive and make a big room feel cosier and friendlier. 

Art can also be a great way to start a talk. As your guests look at the art in your room, you can tell them about the artist’s goal and motivation, where they live, and how long they’ve been in the business. See how wall art ideas can change an area by looking at some of our members’ art that has been put up in different places. 

We have gathered a collection of wall art ideas to help you show off your genuine self in any home space and make the process easier.

1. Eclectic Individuals: Build A Gallery Wall

Have you ever wished you could show all of your favourite prints and pieces simultaneously? Choose a gallery wall if you prefer a more eclectic design. A gallery wall allows you to showcase various artwork on a single wall, transforming your room into an art exhibition. You may also change up the wall art for the living room depending on the season or year to keep things interesting. The creative twist on this décor idea is to include different wall art sizes and forms.

Gallery wall ideas are not limited to paintings. For a personal touch, consider framing and including any of the following things on your gallery wall:

  • Notes and messages from the heart
  • 2D objects gathered—theatre tickets, newspaper clippings, etc.
  • Drawings from my childhood
  • Magazines
  • Quotes are written by hand
  • Recipe books
  • Textiles

2. Make The Most Of Your Space With A Mural For The Maximalists

Whether you consider yourself a painter or not, adding a mural to your wall could be surprisingly easy. Today, regardless of your artistic talent, you can build a mural that will make the room sing with style using a variety of eye-catching, easy-to-install peel-and-stick murals.

3. Choose Fabric Art For The Cosy Ones

Using cloth artwork to accent a vast wall is a popular wall art idea. Fabric softens and warms our interior spaces and is reasonably simple to hang. Wall hangings work well in wall decor for bedrooms and living rooms, but they should be avoided in kitchens and bathrooms since humidity and oil can destroy them over time.

Next time you’re stuck for ideas, try one of these fabric art decorations:

  • Tapestries for the walls
  • Wall decorations
  • Scarves that have seen better days
  • Printed carpets or blankets
  • Paintings on unstretched canvas

4. Tap Into Your Travel Interests If You’ve Been Everywhere

Are you constantly thinking about your next vacation? Your home decor can be an excellent way to commemorate your travels worldwide. Some wall decoration ideas for your travel obsession include:

  • A travel map: Show a giant world map with pins representing all your destinations.
  • Cultural artefacts: Display crafts and art from a culture that is meaningful to you.
  • Travel collage: Do you have a drawer full of plane cards, museum tickets, and other souvenirs? Combine it all in a shadowbox frame to create a DIY wall art travel collage.

5. Display Distinctive Objects

Whether it’s ceramics, hats, baskets, or odds and ends you’ve collected from flea markets, displaying them directly on the wall decor for your bedroom rather than on a shelf allows you to enjoy them from a different angle. Spread your pieces or group them for an out-of-the-box wall design. If you don’t have any hangable things, like baskets or dishes, go to your local thrift store to establish your collection or make your DIY wall art.


Wall art ideas can convert plain walls into compelling works of art, giving any place life and personality. Wall art design has several uses, from expressing oneself and improving the atmosphere to exhibiting uniqueness and complementing specific spaces. It enables people to design their surroundings, bringing creativity, purpose, and aesthetic pleasure into their daily lives. I found the perfect rental home in Delhi thanks to the verified listings on and also avoided paying brokerage. Not only did they help me find the apartment, the NoBroker cleaning service team in Delhi also helped me clean the carpets that I love!