6 Tips for Choosing the Right Soccer Sneakers

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Are you looking to play soccer regularly?

If so, you’ve got to get a pair of soccer sneakers before you set foot on the field.

Soccer sneakers are made for running at fast speeds on a field without losing your balance. They’ve also got the strength to kick the ball when it’s rolling at an intense velocity.

But how do you choose the right soccer sneakers? How do you make sure you get the right ones to improve your game?

Here’s how to choose the best soccer sneakers for you, so keep reading below.

1. Determine Your Budget

Your first step is to determine the maximum amount you’ll want to spend on soccer cleats. You want to make sure you stick to soccer sneakers that are from known brands.

You also have to make sure that you don’t try to buy cheap soccer shoes. If you try to save as much money as possible, you’ll likely end up with poor-quality soccer sneakers.

As a general rule, you should expect to pay between $100 to $150 for a great pair of soccer sneakers. If your budget allows it, you’ll also find a great pair for around $200 that’ll promise greater durability.

2. Research the Specifications

You want to look at the specifications of the soccer sneakers before you buy them.

You want to consider the material that the soccer shoes are made of. For example, you might find mesh to be comfortable for your feet. You might prefer a foam tongue to help improve the airflow as you’re playing the game.

3. Testing Out Your Soccer Sneakers

You want to check the durability of the soccer cleats as well. You want to check that they have a firm grounding so that you won’t fall as you’re running across the field.

Make sure you always check the fit and ankle height before buying the soccer sneakers. You want to also test out kicking a soccer ball as hard as you can before committing to a pair of soccer sneakers.

You want to test out a few different moves before settling on a pair of soccer sneakers. Try to take a few free kicks with a soccer ball. You want to test how durable your soccer sneakers are. You also want to see if you get protection when kicking hard.

You also need to run as fast as you can several times with soccer sneakers. This is to test the comfort and stability of the shoe.

4. Types of Cleats

Now let’s look a bit deeper at the types of cleats you should consider for your soccer sneakers.

You can first look at soft ground cleats. These are usually metal cleats though they can also get made from plastic. These work well for soft grass and muddy grass. If you play on outdoor fields, particularly during rainy weather, these cleats work well.

Have you ever come across a soccer field made of artificial grass? You can buy artificial grass cleats that work for these fields. These are firm cleats that help you keep your balance while running at fast speeds. These cleats are also ideal for protecting you against possible injuries when playing on artificial grass.

You can even opt for all ground cleats if you want a versatile set of cleats that can work for any type of soccer field. These are expensive cleats that help provide you with traction no matter what field you’re playing on.

These are better suited for experienced players. As such, you might want to hold off on them until you’ve gained some experience as a soccer player.

5. Synthetic Soccer Sneakers

As stated in our second point, you have to analyze the specifications of the soccer sneakers. Most soccer sneakers are made of synthetic material or leather.

So which is the better material for kicking it on the soccer field?

With synthetic material, you’ll experience the same softness of leather. You’ll also experience a lightweight shoe that’s more water-resistant than traditional leather. If you find this material to be too heavy, you can opt for lightweight synthetic material.

Synthetic material is far superior for rainy weather or in other wet conditions. You’ll also get better breathability when you choose this type of material. They’re also more comfortable and easier to break into.

These are often considered the ideal soccer sneakers for beginner players. If you don’t play soccer regularly, then you should consider synthetic material.

6. Leather Soccer Sneakers

As a general rule, you’ll find that the best-quality soccer sneakers are made from leather material. This is what most professional players will prefer and is ideal if you want to start playing regularly.

You want to look into the different types of leather that’ll work best for your needs. Most leather soccer sneakers come in Kangaroo and Cowhide leather.

Kangaroo leather has long been the popular option for most premium soccer sneakers. In recent years, its popularity has waned due to environmental concerns.

However, these are great if you prefer lightweight shoes that have durability. These are easy to break into and are the most comfortable for long-term playing on any field.

If you opt for Cowhide leather, you’ll take a bit longer to break into your soccer shoes. These are also heavier soccer shoes so they won’t be as comfortable for everyone.

However, this leather is ideal for playing on lighter fields with soft grass. If you play soccer occasionally, you might find that Cowhide leather works better for you. It also offers superior protection when kicking the ball.

Buy Your Soccer Sneakers

Now you can buy the best soccer sneakers that’ll work for your needs.

You want to first set your budget so you can narrow down your choices. You should always stick to a well-known brand for soccer shoes. Make sure you never go cheap when buying these shoes.

Next, you want to look at the different types of cleats available on the shows. Assess the type of soccer field that you’ll usually play on and choose the right cleats for these fields.

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