Where To Buy A Car Profitably?

Where To Buy A Car Profitably

Buying a used car now knows no spatial limitations. You can buy a used car online without leaving your home. It will be delivered to your city just like any other goods are delivered to you. PLC Auction brings together offers from different auctions and countries in one online marketplace.

The advantages of an online auction are obvious, but we will still voice them:

  • Assortment. The opportunity to buy cars of all makes and models, including configurations that are only available in certain countries.
  • Cost. The price of a boo car abroad can be much lower than in your country. The reason is the peculiarities of market functioning, tax system, competition, etc.
  • Online purchase. You choose the car, and all other stages, including delivery and paperwork, are carried out by an intermediary company.

Where To Buy A Car Profitably

Let’s take a look at the most popular secondary automobile markets:

  • U.S.A;
  • Korea;
  • UAE;
  • Germany;
  • France.


The leader in terms of offerings in the secondary automobile markets. There is no other country in the world that has such an abundance of vehicles that can be bought in North American car markets. The cost of used cars is also one of the lowest. Let’s list the main advantages of used cars from the USA:

  • Cost. The price of used cars in the USA is lower than the cost of similar cars in other countries. This is due to the customs policy and a large supply. In addition, after the car has left the showroom, its value decreases by 20%, and during the next year it decreases by another 10%. At the auctions there is a large number of beaten cars, for which the insurance case occurred. Their owners have received payments, and the insurance company sells the vehicle at auctions.  Most cars have minor damage that will take a minimum of time and money to repair.
  • Assortment. Online auctions in the United States feature cars of all types and models.
  • Bundling. For the American consumer, equipment is one of the most important selection criteria. Automakers are constantly fighting for a place in the sun, so they sell cars with maximum equipment. Even in basic versions, cars are equipped with climate control, multimedia system, alarm system, full electric package, parktronics.
  • Technical condition. Boo cars in the U.S. even with high mileage remain in excellent technical condition, which is due to good road conditions and regular maintenance in authorized centers.
  • Complete information about the car. Using the VIN code, you can get comprehensive information about the vehicle’s operating history, including maintenance, accidents, etc.


The automotive market in South Korea is mainly oriented to domestic consumers, so its products are always interesting for users from other countries. The secondary market is characterized by the following advantages:

  • wide range without restrictions on makes, models, type of powertrain;
  • excellent technical condition of cars at auctions, which is due to the driving style of Korean drivers, quality and regular service, quality of fuel and roads;
  • vehicle theft checks, full legal due diligence;
  • a wide range of configurations not available in other countries. 

Another important advantage of Korean cars is gas-cooled equipment, which is factory-installed and manufactured in accordance with the LPI technology of the fifth generation. Unlike classic systems, in them gas injection is carried out into the manifold, without the vaporization stage. This guarantees complete and efficient combustion of the fuel. 

The installation of the HBO at the factory guarantees reliable and long-lasting operation of the power plant. The main advantages of gas-powered cars from Korea:

  • high power of the propulsion system;
  • engine starting at low temperatures;
  • the powertrain is less likely to need maintenance;
  • the load on the piston system is reduced and the engine runs quieter;
  • less toxic emissions.


Residents of the UAE actively use personal vehicles. This is largely due to the high level of wealth, availability of vehicles and consumables. Another reason is the underdeveloped public transportation network – in some regions, a personal car is a necessity. Travel by cab is much more expensive than the operating costs of your own vehicle. 

Cars in the UAE are changed quite often – every 2-3 years. As a large number of vehicles in good condition appear on the secondary market, their cost is quite low. This is an opportunity to buy a boo car in good condition for little money. 

In addition, there are a lot of premium cars in the UAE. The roads in the country are of very high quality, consumables and fuel are of high quality, thanks to which the wear and tear of vehicles is slower. 


The secondary market in Germany is rich and varied, but, first of all, we are interested in the products of the German car industry. It is here you can buy real “Germans”, which are famous for reliability and comfort, and premium class cars for little money. Let’s define the main advantages of buying a German car:

  • Pedantry in everything, including operation. Germans are attentive to details, love order and care for cars. This is one of the reasons for the excellent condition of cars from Germany. Authorized service stations are used to service the cars, so technical inspection is carried out regularly and qualitatively.
  • Moderate climate. A favorable climate combined with good roads is another reason why cars remain in excellent condition for a long time. A moderate climate makes the car less susceptible to corrosion and good road surfaces reduce wear and tear on the chassis. 
  • A wide range of offers. The secondary market abounds with practically new, slightly used, as well as exclusive sports cars and retro cars. Here you can buy broken, damaged cars, which are quite often used as “donors” of spare parts. Germany is home to more than 83 million people and more than 48 million registered cars. 


French cars have an interesting design, they are available for service in many European cities, and their maintenance is cheaper compared to many other brands of cars. The main advantage of ferrying a car from France:

  • undercarriage with low wear due to good road surfaces;
  • original equipment, high quality of car assembly;
  • good technical condition due to regular maintenance in authorized service stations;
  • attractive price, which is especially relevant for cars for which an insured event has occurred.