Where Law Meets The Road: Connecting With New Jersey Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

Where Law Meets The Road

A semi-truck, often called a semi-trailer truck or tractor-trailer, is a giant road warrior made up of two main parts: the powerful engine upfront known as the tractor or cab, and the separate trailer section hitched on behind. What keeps them together is a crucial connection called the fifth wheel. You’ll often spot these behemoths cruising along highways and interstates, faithfully carrying out their duty of hauling freight across vast distances. In the world of transportation, they’re the unsung heroes, ensuring that goods reach their destinations smoothly and efficiently, keeping the wheels of commerce turning.

What’s Up 

New Jersey is a bustling manufacturing hub, which indicates a concerning trend due to semi-truck accidents. Only in 2018, there have been 32 tractor-trailer crashes with a total of 35 fatalities . In addition, recent incidents, such as the three New Jersey State Police vehicles collision and a truck driver ramming into a semi-trailer, indicate the tendentious nature of the problem. The identified causes for the accidents may include unsafe speed, improper lane changes, passing errors, failure to provide the established right-of-way, road and environmental conditions, and pedestrian violations . Thus, there is an urgent need for societal and governmental action to deal with the multifaceted challenges. The need for fast and reliable legal recourse for those involved in semi-truck accidents is paramount, ensuring swift justice and fair compensation for victims while holding accountable those responsible for negligence or wrongdoing. Check it out here to discover further details.

What’s The Difference 

The core of a semi-truck accident is not as straightforward because personal injury law seeks to reimburse the affected individual for injuries. Thus, it is not always easy to determine who was at fault and if you are confident that a semi-truck driver was at fault, there is a high possibility that several parties shared this responsibility. Personal injury law’s goal is to reestablish the injured person in order to do it by compensating for the proven harm resulting from another person’s negligence. 

How Complex Are Semi-Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents are typically multifaceted due to multiple parties ranging from truck drivers, car drivers, trucking companies, cargo-loading contractors, truck parts manufacturers/suppliers, and public works agencies responsible. The contributory causes for truck accidents include distracted driving, speeding, intoxication, unsafe lane merging, negligence in vehicle maintenance, hiring drivers-across-the-nation, violating hours-of-service rules, overloading trailers, not properly securing freight, defective parts, and unsafe roads. To determine the exact cause and who is responsible for the crash, several investigations should be conducted. Some of the investigation areas for truck crash include:

  • Truck Mechanisms: Understanding how big rig crashes occur.
  • Evidence Sources: From the truck’s “black box” data to driver work logs and maintenance records.
  • Scene Examination: Collecting evidence promptly, as trucking companies often send teams to accident sites.

Seek  Promptly

Remember, time is of the essence following this type of accident. Lawsuits are extremely complex and multifaceted. Depending on the situation, the victim has several options for legal action. Such lawsuits are likely to include reimbursement for medical bills, lost income, and any other damages arising from the accident. Ask experienced lawyers for guidance to determine what kind of help you are entitled to under the law. After this tragic event, you will make life far less challenging for a professional attorney.