Buying Bitcoins – Where Exactly Can You Purchase This Cryptocurrency?

Where Exactly Can You Purchase This Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has got huge popularity since it first came out in 2009. Even today, it is the Cryptocurrency with the biggest market share and is one of the most traded virtual currencies out there. You need to know that it is not quite easy to purchase this digital currency. But the number of options and sources to buy it from is increasing constantly. Anybody can choose the Cryptocurrency buying option that suits his specific requirements. A few of these do not even require access to a BTC wallet or even the internet.

Read and find out about some of the most popular sources from where you can buy Bitcoin:


This might be a very new idea. However, there are Bitcoin ATMs that help in easy withdrawal. the globe and the number is growing constantly. ATMs have a 3 – 8% commission over the regular exchange price. 

To use an ATM, you have to either get your mobile wallet QR code scanner or get a paper receipt with the instructions and codes about how you can have the funds transferred to your wallet in the best way possible. With Bitcoins becoming more and more popular, these kinds of ATMs are turning into one of the common ways to purchase Cryptocurrency.

Keep in mind that BTC ATMs are not likely to be open or available in those countries where Cryptocurrency is either outlawed or banned. You may use CoinATMRadar or a dedicated map service to locate the Bitcoin ATM available in your area. Buying and withdrawing cash from such ATMs can cost you a hefty amount. Now you can save this cost by using reliable online trading software like Immediate Bitcoin Bot

Gift Cards

It is important to know that Bitcoins are often being used for buying gift cards, and you can use such gift cards with crypto transactions. For this, you need to buy the gift card by logging into any Bitcoin exchange where gift cards are accepted by several sellers – such as LocalBitcoins, Paxful etc. 

Based on the specific seller, some might like to view a real picture of the gift code from the card-back side along with a receipt from the store it had been bought from. Others might be okay simply with an e-code or an internet code. After you go for a trade, the number of Bitcoins that you want to buy will be held by the source. Naturally, it is safe to provide your seller with your existing card details.


Many exchanges help to buy Bitcoin. There are many aspects to take into account when using an exchange and ensuring safety. The exchange of your choice must be regulated by the authorities, and it can be banned by your state government. So, before you invest in a trading platform for buying or selling bitcoin, you must check whether it is legal or not. 

You can get numerous trading options to choose from when you buy from exchanges. You can get a basic solution for a one-time purchase or a full-featured platform if you are a trader belonging to some institution.


In case you would like to maintain the anonymity of your Bitcoin trades, you can buy Bitcoins from a local seller directly. You must buy your cryptocurrency from a reputable seller so that there are no risks of being conned.

Bitcoin Exchange Vs Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin exchanges are the digital platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoin, and most of the exchanges offer a bitcoin wallet facility where you can store your virtual currency. You can also use a bitcoin wallet in any bitcoin exchange, and you can use a web-based or offline wallet for the same. Offline wallets are known as cold wallets, where you need to use an additional device like USB security for bitcoin transactions.  

If you feel that a one-on-one meeting might be too risky, you can always opt for a local Bitcoin meet-up and purchase the digital currency in a group ambience. It can also help enrich your knowledge about Bitcoins and crypto investment.