What To Do If There Is A Rat In The Apartment?

What To Do If There Is A Rat In The Apartment

Rats have the right to be in an apartment only in one case: if they are tame and decorative. Wild gray companions, on the contrary, are unwanted guests. They cause fear by their mere appearance. And this feeling is justified: rodents can transmit dangerous diseases and parasites not only through a bite, but also through waste products.

Therefore, it is worth ordering specialists who know what a rat exterminator is and have experience in this matter.

What causes rodents to appear in the house? The original habitat of rats is landfills, sewers – any places where there are food remains. But when there is not enough food or the rodent population becomes so large that habitats have to be expanded, they begin to colonize the basements and first floors of apartment buildings.

Signs Of The Presence Of Rats In An Apartment

Rats are cautious animals, but they cannot hide traces of their presence from attentive owners.

Rodents give out: gnawed boxes of cereals and bags of flour;

  • “disheveled” bags of groceries;
  • chewed toys, children’s clothes and cosmetics;
  • characteristic holes in walls, doors, baseboards;
  • rustling, roaring and jumping at night;
  • specific smell:

In city houses, a rat can move from apartment to apartment through the sewer. There is a possibility that an animal will emerge from the toilet and even a closed lid will not protect against the appearance of a rodent.

Rats are good at jumping attack – their defense technique. Cats and dogs are frightened by the chaotically jumping animal and can fall into a stupor from the rat “dancing.” For humans, an angry rat also poses a danger: having jumped up, it tends to bite the enemy.

In some houses and apartments on the first floors, rats were noticed in children’s cribs. Even if the animal got there out of curiosity and not with malicious intent, every parent will want to get rid of the disgusting rodent as soon as possible and protect their family.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of A Rat Yourself And How To Do It?

If a rat does appear in the apartment, we strongly advise against immediately running to the store for poison. If it turns out to be effective and kills all rodents, then soon the carcasses will begin to decompose and emit an unpleasant odor. And this is not the biggest trouble that awaits the unlucky owner or hostess. Therefore, if you decide to get rid of rats in the apartment yourself, then you need to use only those methods that do not involve the death and decomposition of animals in the ceilings and ventilation shafts, since the carcasses will then be very difficult to get.

An effective way to control rats is to use an ultrasonic device. However, it cannot be 100% effective unless it is reliably established where the rats came from in the apartment.

It is also believed that it is enough to have a cat in the apartment, then the mice and rats will run away or all of them will be defeated. Many will confirm that there are indeed fewer rodents in the apartment. But you need to keep in mind that the cat must be old enough and have a highly developed hunting instinct. Not every member of the cat family desires and expresses readiness to hunt.

If you decide to use traps, purchase a rat trap and place it in a visible place. Do not buy a mousetrap – it is too light and fragile for a rodent. Tie the device to a pipe, radiator, or other strong location so that the rat cannot drag it away. This way you can harvest a “living harvest”.

There are also a number of scents that repel rats: mint, lavender, elderberry. Please note that the above measures can be considered as preparing the apartment for the arrival of specialists, but not as an independent fight against cunning rodents.

You Need To Turn To Professionals

Before starting, specialists will carefully examine basements, local areas, and, if necessary, roofs and attics of houses.

In our work we use special preparations that we spray using hot and cold fog, as well as using smoke bombs. When they use substances, neighbors are also notified so that they know that special work is being carried out.

Agree that it is the work of specialists that can provide an effective and correct result. Just imagine how much effort you will spend trying to get rid of uninvited guests.

There is real experience when many residents tried to get rid of rats, but they were unsuccessful. All this happens because people simply don’t know what to do. Yes, they read various thematic blogs and articles, experiment or come up with something themselves.

But this gives a very short-term effect. Moreover, rats can get used to certain conditions, and human methods will no longer be able to frighten the rat. That’s why there is a special service run by professionals.

It is the specialists who have extensive experience in this matter, special equipment, special protective equipment, chemicals, as well as an understanding of how a rat will act in a given case.

Moreover, specialists conduct a survey of the territory and understand where the rats were, what they were doing, and where they could crawl.

Therefore, you should think carefully before you decide to order a professional rat extermination service. After all, this is the only way you can forget about these animals, and you and your family will no longer know what they are.