What Is A YouTube Video Downloader?

What Is A YouTube Video Downloader

Music has long been a part of man since early times. Music has several benefits to note, which can help man every day. Youtube is a platform prominent for having all the famous music, classical music, hit music, and even new releases in the music industry. The prominence of this platform continues as many more artists create and share their writings through it. Although, Youtube only has several services to offer.

Youtube video downloader is a great tool used by music enthusiasts to download their favorite songs into different formats. It is a useful tool to listen to your favorite music offline. Read more to learn more about this.

Where To Find A Free YouTube Video Downloader?

You don’t have to look furthermore for this, we got you covered. Btclod is a youtube video downloader prominent for its features. It is a youtube video downloader offered for free. It can be accessed from all around the world. It allows its users to search, explore, browse and enjoy the music they love. It aims to help music enthusiasts listen to their favorite tracks anywhere they go.

Btclod doesn’t have a signup button and doesn’t require monthly fees. You can enjoy the variety of services they can offer for free. It is legal and safe from malware. Rest assured that you will have a safe and secure downloading experience with btclod.

Key Features Of BTClod.

What makes this site so special and a must-try? Below are the features of btclod that you won’t find on some other sites.

  • Free Downloader. Btclod is a free youtube video downloader which means there is no need for sign-up or subscription fee. You can simply search for the site on your browser and you can access it anytime you want to. You can download your favorite tracks unlimitedly with Btclod.
  • Search Bar. The website has a huge search bar located in the middle of the homepage of the site. The search bar helps users look for the songs they want to download. Using the search bar will help them find the songs they want instantly.
  • Variety of file formats. Btclod offers a variety of file formats to choose from when downloading a song. You can download it on Mp4, Mp3, Mp2, WebM, and more. You can also view the file size of the file formats available. You can choose which of these is best for your device.
  • Download Playlist. You can also download your favorite playlist from youtube. You can edit the song length of the track and choose which you prefer.
  • Create GIF. You can create a gif of the music video just by clicking the gif on the selection. Choose the frame rate and width of the gif. Click download afterward. Not much site offers this type of service as it is often rarely found online. Visit btclod and download a gif form of your favorite music videos.

Benefits Of Using A YouTube Video Downloader

Youtube Video Downloaders have a lot of benefits to offer to music enthusiasts. Below are the Top 5 Benefits of Using a Youtube Video Downloader.

  1. Instant Download. You can download the music you love just with a few clicks. You can just search for the music you want in a youtube video downloader and download it in the format you want. You can decide which file size to prefer. You won’t go through the hassle of going to the market or a mall to buy the physical album.
  2. Listen to Music Offline. Download your favorite song using a youtube video downloader and listen to it even in places with no internet connection. Enjoy the music you love with no worries.
  3. Save more money. Using a youtube video downloader will let you save more money as it often doesn’t require users for a subscription fee. You don’t need to pay for a premium account every month just to enjoy the music you love.
  4. Watch Videos on the Go. Youtube Video Downloader also allows users to download videos from youtube. It allows them to access it any time of the day anywhere they go.
  5. Save Storage. You can select the file size of the songs you want to download. It offers a wide variety of file sizes to choose from. It is better to choose the format that can help you maximize your storage space for more important files.

How To Use A Youtube Video Downloader?

The process of downloading music from a youtube video downloader depends on the site you are using. Below is the step-by-step guide on downloading music using btclod.

  1. Search for btclod in your browser. Open the browser of your device and search for btclod. You can use any device available to you. Btclod is available in any country.
  2. Enter a keyword on the search bar. When you came to the homepage you’ll see the search bar located in the middle of the site. It is big enough to be seen by users. Search for the keyword of the song you want to download such as the genre, artist, or title of the song, and click search.
  3. Click the video you want to download. After you search there would be numerous results that you can choose from. You can check it first by listening to it before clicking the download button.
  4. Select the file format of your file. When you click the download button you’ll get redirected to a page where you can see numerous elements such as you can decide the song length you want to download. You can choose between mp3, audio, video, gif, and thumbnail.
  5. Click Download. After choosing the format and song length click download to download the file on your device. The download duration would depend on how fast is your internet connection.


The world is becoming more and more advanced as the day passes by. Listening to music can now be free with a lot of tools you can find online. Although finding a safe and secure site to use all the time is a struggle. Thankfully btclod is here to answer music needs anytime for free. Visit Btclod and Enjoy a safe downloading experience for free.