5 Tips For Buying Triple Monitors On Black Friday

Tips For Buying Triple Monitors On Black Friday

Whether you love inviting your friends for a gaming night or want to skyrocket your productivity, a triple-monitor is the perfect solution! With its premium graphics and booming sounds, this innovative tech offers a once-in-a-lifetime gaming and visual experience.

As Black Friday is fast approaching, Mobile Pixels has got the perfect trio triple monitor to reinvent your movie nights! What’s more, we’ve got an exciting discount for gamers and learners seeking screen extenders to boost productivity without sacrificing fun! 

But before you dive into a world of exquisite visuals and unmatched efficiency, you’ll have to do a little homework. Good news- we’ll make this task a breeze with our exhaustive guide on how to swipe the perfect triple monitor this Black Friday!

Why You Need Triple Monitors this Black Friday

Before we trek onto the ‘how’ of buying multi-monitors, let’s take a step back and look into the ‘why’ factor. Having a screen extender can give you an unrivaled sense of realism and a productivity boost that’s impossible on a single screen.

Here are the major pros:

Wider View and Better Immersion

Whether you’re seeking realistic car racing or want to level up your streaming experience, a wider field of view is a must. Purchasing a triple monitor setup takes your audio andvisual experience to the moon!

Think exploring Cyberpunk 2077 and hearing the smallest sound tenfold- you’ll be living the experience.

Maximize Your Productivity  

It’s true- more screens equal higher productivity! In fact, a Fujitsu Siemens research found that jumping from a single to a triple monitor setup can grow your productivity by 35.5%.

Not only will you save tons of time but you’ll also enjoy an efficiency boost. A bonus of these screen extenders is that you’ll minimize the stress that comes with hitting deadlines.

Enjoy a Competitive Edge

Having a triple monitor setup provides you with the digital real estate you need to keep a bird’s eye view of all the information. Whether it’s a walkthrough for a tough game or statistics for your latest assignment, you won’t have to keep switching tabs.

The result? A fun, more exciting, and fulfilling user experience!

The Best Five Tips for Buying Triple Monitors this Black Friday

If you’re excited to build the perfect triple monitor setup, you’ll need a few pointers. Start creating a multi-monitor setup that rivals HyperX Arena by keeping these tips and tricks at the forefront:

Consider the Setup that Fits Your Needs

The best way to find a triple monitor that revitalizes your gaming and study nights is to consider your ‘ideal’ setup. Think stacked monitor setups for a stand-out streaming experience or a horizontal setup to make every sound on the screen come to life.

If none of these ideas have you hunting for your wallet, a landscape paired with a portrait monitor setup might be the way to go. With this layout, you can keep an eye on multiple elements, whether researching or streaming, to give productivity a new meaning!

Besides, you can get your creative juice churning by creating a curved or pyramid setup, ensuring an immersive audio and visual experience.

Gauge the Triple Monitors’ Size and Curvature

The wrong monitor size can disrupt your gaming, learning, and streaming experience, creating connectivity and graphic issues. Sounds awful, right? The good news is you can spot the perfect size by measuring (or guessing) the space you have. 

For instance, if you want monitors that make you the talk of the town, consider a 32-inch dual screen and 27-inch triple monitor (horizontal). Furthermore, go for screen extenders no bigger than 32 inches for vertical monitors or you’ll have to deal with graphics so pixel-challenged, they make a five-year-old look like Picasso.  

Dive Deep in the Triple Monitors’ Specs 

Create a multi-monitor setup that can drastically change your T.V. show reruns and nightlong study sessions by pinning down the ideal specs. Start by identifying your ideal monitor resolution- the clearer, sharper, and brighter, the better! 

For instance, if you’re prepping for movie nights, a monitor with 1440p or 4K resolution, is the perfect solution. Go further than the graphics by checking the viewing angles, ranging from horizontal to vertical degrees. The best way to observe this is by moving to the side of a monitor to check when the image finally starts to distort.

Finally, you’ll have to consider the monitor’s fresh rate to ensure your computer doesn’t lag and automatically kick you off games. The last thing you want to see during movie marathons is the loading circle going around and round.

Contemplate the Bezel Size of Your Monitor 

If you’re a hardcore gamer or dedicated streamer, you know how the borders of a monitor can make or break your visual experience. While you can’t rip off the bezels of your screens, you can seek options with thin (read: less distracting) borders.

So, while creating your Black Friday list, add a triple monitor setup boasting ergonomic and attractive bezels, offering a seamless viewing experience.  

Look into the Connectivity and Mounting 

Before you fire up your games on full HD, you’ll have to consider your laptop’s connectivity. You’ll need a PC that boasts HDMI, USB Type-C, and a DisplayPort to link the extra monitors.

If you’re as tech-savvy as your tech-challenged grandma, you can have a look at your graphic card or motherboard. That way, you’ll know the exact display ports your laptop/PC boasts (and whether a fun triple monitor is worth it!).

What’s more, create a cinematic visual experience by checking the ways you can mount (and extend) your screen extenders.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a researcher seeking a much-needed productivity boost or a movie addict wanting exceptional visuals, a triple monitor can be a fantastic purchase. Keep these five handy pointers in mind when adding items to your ‘Black Friday’ list.

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