The Best Things To Do In Munich

The Best Things To Do In Munich

The beautiful and hospitable city, with its great history and culture, is sure to amaze the visiting tourist. Munich is a true example of German metropolitan life. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy it, there is something for everyone. 

It is even rumored that even the locals fall in love with Munich every day and it is very likely true. Suppose you’ve rented an airport taxi and are driving around the city. What do you see? You’re faced with a stunning atmosphere, incredible food, and a major cultural heritage. In the following article, we’ll talk about it in detail and discuss the places you should 100% visit while in Munich. 

But before we embark on a short journey through this beautiful city, let’s get our bearings, for example, you arrive at the airport. How do you proceed? To make your trip as comfortable as possible and not too expensive, book AtoB Munich airport taxi and continue to enjoy your holiday without thinking about the problems. Now let’s travel around the city! 

1. October Fest

The first thing we mentioned above is the atmosphere. And it is exactly what Oktoberfest (which runs from mid-September to early October) does very well. Everyone wants to go to this party. There are big beer tents (10-15) with different kinds of real beer, cool music, and authentic food. There are also carnival rides and other colorful games that can keep you busy for days. To come using AtoB Munich airport taxi or to attend this event – you need to book tickets in advance.

2. Brother Assam Church

The baroque façade of the Asam Church stands on Sendlinger Straße between little shops and bustling cafés. This hidden gem in Munich is not known to everyone. The church was officially called St. Johann Nepomuk Church, built as a show house for the famous Assam Brothers. Today it is a world-class art masterpiece. If you’re passing by in an airport taxi or just passing through – and decide to go inside, be sure to notice the bright yellow window (oval-shaped, above the altar), its name is the Eye of God. 

3. A Stroll Through The English Garden

If you love to get away from the bustle of the city, Munich’s English Garden is worth a visit. It is the main city park, which is one of the largest in the world (twice the size of New York). There’s also the Eisbach River, where people go surfing. It’s a pretty interesting situation, don’t you agree? So it is a must-visit destination – you won’t get bored and will get a 100% break from the bustle of the city. 

4. Hellabrunn Zoo

Munich’s zoo is for people of all ages. The peculiarity of this place is that the animals do not sit in cages. The microclimate in every corner and the specificity of the wildlife in the zoo make for a comfortable environment for all the animals. As there is a paid car park nearby, it will be very convenient to rent AtoB airport taxi so you don’t have to be tied down to it. After all, you’ll have practically an entire day to browse the animals and walk around the grounds. In the zoo itself, you will see many species of wild animals such as various wild birds, reticulated giraffes, Asian elephants, pigeon pigs, and many more. 

5. Hofbräuhaus Beer Restaurant

One of Germany’s oldest beer restaurants, the Hofbräuhaus is located in Munich. It opened its doors to visitors back in the early 17th century. So apart from the delicious, high-quality beer, you’ll also get an unbelievable atmosphere. The brewery’s large halls can accommodate up to 4,000 visitors. The uniqueness of this place is its flexible pricing policy, which makes it affordable for people with any financial budget. 

6. Viktualienmarkt

It might sound a bit trite, but you should visit the market in Munich. If you’re a real foodie – you’ll appreciate this place. There are around 140 outlets (which are sold by inheritance) and the quality of the food is always excellent. It is usually here that wealthy Munich residents and tourists shop. You can hire an airport taxi and go straight there and buy everything you need. Open every day, excluding Sundays and holidays.

7. Dachau Memorial Museum

Even though this place is outside the city limits, we still decided to put it on this list – because it is of historical value. In principle, it is possible to rent AtoB Munich airport taxi and drive safely. This museum is the former site of a concentration camp. All the people who were unwanted by the Hitler regime were taken here. The worst thing is that during the 12 years of its existence tens of thousands of people were murdered in the camp. This museum was established in 1965 at the request of former prisoners of the same camp. 

8. Hofbräuhaus

Munich is a wonderful city with wonderful food and drink. So we couldn’t pass by without showing you the best restaurants. So, go to the Hofbräuhaus! It will give you 3 things at once: hearty delicious food, quality Bavarian beer, and a great atmosphere. This is one of the best beer restaurants in town. After a portion of marinated beef and a generous mug of beer – you’ll want to come back 2 times. A trip to this place will not cost you a lot, up to 50 Euros for a dinner

9. Ksar Barclub

A rather unusual club completes our top. Once you come here, you will see its alternative atmosphere, not like the standard one. Here you can drink exotic cocktails, besides, the interior of this place deserves special attention. There is pleasant subdued lighting, low-hanging lamps, a fireplace, and leather sofas. The large windows overlooking the street give the impression you are sitting in an aquarium. The music here plays a variety of genres from R&B to hip-hop. The prices are very nice and the cocktail list is huge. The best parties are on Fridays at 10 pm.