The Best Seats On EasyJet Redesigned Airbus A320

The Best Seats On EasyJet Redesigned Airbus A320

First-row seats on EasyJet a320 are designated as XL seats. The increased price of these tickets is due to their additional amenities, which include priority check-in and boarding and more legroom. However, the bulkhead positioned in front of seat 1DEF restricts passenger leg mobility. In addition, customers claim that seat 1A may get chilly throughout the trip. Other drawbacks include the proximity of the bathrooms and galley, the absence of floor storage during takeoff and landing, and the restricted width of the seats since the tray tables are fixed in the armrests.

Due to the escape row placed behind the eleventh row, the seats recline less than usual.

Due to the fact that the seats of the 12th row are situated between two exit rows, these seats feature increased legroom but limited recline and no storage space underneath them. These seats are categorized as XL seats and provide priority boarding and check-in.

The seats on the thirteenth row of this aircraft are regarded to be the most desirable. The occupants of these seats will enjoy more legroom, a priority boarding ticket, and expedited check-in and boarding. These chairs also have the XL designation. The sole downside of these chairs is the limited storage space underneath them.

Other passengers prefer to congregate in the vicinity of seats 29DEF, 30C, and 31ABC while waiting for the restrooms, creating discomfort for the occupants of these seats. In addition, the 31ABC seats have a narrower width and lack a window. Because of this, these seats are regarded as undesirable.

V2 Variant Of The Airbus A320 (320) With A Second Cabin

The Airbus A320 with the second-generation seating configuration can accommodate 186 passengers. There are no recliner options available for any of the seats in economy class on this aircraft.

For a small additional fee, passengers of this aircraft are able to reserve their seats in advance. Seats with more legroom cost more money but allow passengers to board the aircraft more quickly.

The airplane has 31 rows of seating with a 3-3 configuration for each row.

Those passengers who are situated in the first row will have extra space to stretch out their legs. These seats are referred to as XL seats by EasyJet, and for an extra price, passengers may purchase dedicated check-in and a priority pass. However, these seats do come with a few drawbacks, such as the fact that the tray tables are fixed in the armrests, which limits the width of the seat, the proximity to the restroom and the galley, which may be inconvenient for some passengers, and the potential for cold weather for passengers seated near the exits.

The only disadvantage of seats on the eleventh row is that they do not recline as much as other rows.

The seats in the 12th row are designated as the “XL seats.” As a result, individuals will have a pleasant experience sitting on these chairs due to the increased amount of legroom. There is no storage underneath these seats.

On this particular aircraft, the seats in the thirteenth row, which EasyJet refers to as XL seats because of the additional legroom they provide, are considered to be the most coveted seats available.

The biggest disadvantage of these seats is that they are located directly in front of the bathrooms that are located behind seats 30C and 30D.

The seats in the 31st row are unattractive since they do not have any windows, there is noise coming from the toilets that are located behind them, and the armrests are becoming smaller.

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