Thanksgiving Promotions: 6 Ways To Get More Traffic In 2022

Thanksgiving Promotions

Thanksgiving is the best time to attract new customers and remind existing clients about the company. Organizations use different methods to achieve this goal. In this article, you will know about the most popular ways of thanksgiving promotions. Let us look at 6 methods that will help you to get more traffic in 2022.

How To Promote Your Brand Effectively

The First Way: Mass Media And Social Networks

Brands and companies should show their concern for customers by developing advertising campaigns. Thus, social networks and mass media are powerful tools for Thanksgiving online promotion. Here are some tips to get more traffic in 2022:

  • Thematic posts

Companies usually create content related to a special occasion, Thanksgiving is one of these days. You can write some posts with descriptions of your company`s Thanksgiving traditions. 

  • Polls and quizzes

Customers will be pleased if you ask them about their plans for the holiday. Create some polls and quizzes to arouse interest in subscribers. Due to this, you can also trace their activity.

  • Collaboration with media 

Try cooperating with b, as they can attract more potential customers, by advertising a brand or company. It is a great method to get new customers and expand your target audience.

Do not forget about hashtags when you write posts. They are «instruments» to get a lot of views. 

The Second Way: Website Customizing

If your company has a website, you should change its main page due to a season or/and topic. Some advice on how to capture the attention of the target audience:

  • Add thematic images or videos on the home page;
  • Create a blog and make a few Thanksgiving articles;
  • If your products or services are related to holidays, you should highlight them among the others.

Do not forget about the call-to-action pop-ups. Famous companies and brands usually customize them as well, to give thanksgiving promotions with thematic patterns, icons, images, etc. Consider website bandwidth because the number of page visitors could be enormous. If your website loads slowly, potential clients will not wait for long and close it. 

The Third Way: Unique Proposals

Always remember the primary goal of thanksgiving promotions. You should create some really attractive proposals for existing customers and new audiences. Recommendations to achieve this:

  • Offer Duration

If you are planning discounts or special prices, you should apply them a week before the holiday and extend them for a few days after. 

  • Thematic draw

Excitement can help you get more traffic. People like different games and draws. Create them if you want to get as many people interested as possible.

  • Tempting offers

«Buy two and get the third for free» — the most popular thanksgiving promotion to increase sales and attract new customers. You can create other variants of tempting offers tailored to your product.

Keep in mind that competition during the holiday increases. Offers should be as beneficial as possible for customers and stand out clearly from others.

The Fourth Way: Email Marketing

This is the strategy with the highest conversion rate. But how can you get more traffic from Thanksgiving promotion using email marketing? Let`s have a look:

  • Analysing

You should calculate the best time to send emails and know what your target audience prefers to read. It would be a great idea to inform them about planned promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.

  • Decoration

A lot of users accept letters containing only text as boring. Add some pictures or thematic videos.

  • Content 

Pay special attention to headings. The letter should attract readers from the very first lines. Write about things clients can find useful.

You could send customers letters with actual recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. Customers will be pleased to get useful tips and not only proposals to buy something.

The Fifth Way: Increasing Traffic

When users look for services or goods on the Internet, they usually open links that are shown on the first browser page. A few tips for getting more traffic to the website:

  1. Use correct keywords

They should be the same as phrases that customers usually type in the search bar. Due to this, your website will be shown as one of the first and the conversion will increase drastically. 

  1. Optimization markers

Write in detail about the benefits of your product or service. Associate them with the Thanksgiving holiday and emphasize it. 

  1. Advertising on third-party services

You could share the link to your website on social networks. For example, placement of texts mentioning the company on third-party sites would be a good idea for Thanksgiving Promotion.

Do not forget to create bright banners with special proposals and discounts!

The Sixth Way: Thank Everyone

If you have an online shop, you could put thank you letters in every order. Maybe, your clients will not read it, but they will notice this action as unusual. Additionally, you can:

  • Record a thank you video

Tell customers that they are an important part of the development of your company. Under the video, you could create a poll or window for wishes and suggestions.

  • Make a thank you post for your colleagues

Customers are more loyal to companies with a friendly atmosphere. Thank your employees for their work and contribution to your business.

  • Create a Thanksgiving dinner

A small party for staff, investors, and major customers is another way to attract more attention to your organization. Don`t forget to take some photos, post them and mark the participants of the event.

You can use all of these ways. Remember, you should carefully track needs and wants of your target audience to choose the right way and get even more traffic. Be creative, attract a new target audience and increase conversion!