Suspect In Kansas Mothers’ Murder Purchased Tasers, Burner Phones Before Disappearances, Searched For ‘Pain Level’: Documents

Suspect In Kansas Mothers' Murder Purchased Tasers Burner Phones Before Disappearances Searched For 'Pain Level' Documents

In the quiet expanse of Hugoton, Kansas, a chilling crime unfolded that culminated in the tragic deaths of two mothers, Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39. The women vanished under sinister circumstances only to be found deceased, ensnared by a calculated murder plot hatched by a grandmother, Tiffany Machel Adams, 54, and her associates within a shadowy group known as “God’s Misfits.”

On the morning of March 30, Veronica Butler, a 27-year-old mother entwined in a contentious custody battle, prepared for what was to be a routine supervised visit with her two young children, aged six and eight. 

The children were temporarily residing in an Oklahoma facility due to the ongoing dispute. Accompanying her was Jilian Kelley, 39, a pastor’s wife and an appointed supervisor for these delicate interactions. Kelley, known for her compassionate demeanor and reliability, was not the usual supervisor but had stepped in that day, a decision that would tragically place her on the path of premeditated violence.

As they traveled, the quiet anticipation of a mother eager to see her children was palpable. The drive was meant to bridge the distance not just between locations but between a fragmented family seeking normalcy amidst legal and emotional turmoil. However, approximately three miles from their destination, the semblance of a regular visitation day shattered.

The vehicle, later found by a desolate road stretch, told a grim tale through its haunting emptiness and the unsettling evidence scattered around it. An abandoned car stood as the silent witness to the horror that had unfolded. 

Nearby, distressing signs of violence—pools of blood that painted a stark contrast against the gravel and dirt—indicated a struggle or worse. The discovery of these elements pointed investigators and horrified family members toward a heinous act of violence that abruptly ended the journey meant to unite a mother with her children. 

The scene, void of life yet screaming tragedy, marked the beginning of a harrowing investigation into a meticulously planned ambush that claimed the lives of two Kansas mothers under chilling circumstances.

Dramatic Arrests and Unveiling of the Plot

In a swift operation that unfolded with cinematic intensity, the primary suspects in the brutal murders of Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley were apprehended. The arrest of Tiffany Adams’ boyfriend, Tad Bert Cullum, 43, alongside Cole Twombly, 50, and his wife Cora, 44, came as the climax of an intense investigation spearheaded by local law enforcement with the support of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). As dawn broke over the rural expanse of Oklahoma, a heavily armed SWAT team descended upon the suspects’ locations, breaching doors in a coordinated raid that ensured none could escape the arms of justice.

This decisive action was not just about bringing suspects into custody; it was the pivotal moment that peeled back the curtain on the depth of the conspiracy that led to the tragic events. 

The raids were meticulously planned, based on surveillance and gathered intelligence, indicating a high level of premeditation and malice by the suspects. 

During the operation, law enforcement officials seized an array of incriminating evidence, including electronic devices, firearms, and other paraphernalia that were believed to have been used in the orchestration of the murders.

The aftermath of the raids revealed the chilling details of the plot. Investigators uncovered that the group, self-styled as “God’s Misfits,” had not only planned this attack with cold precision but had also rehearsed the logistics of carrying out such heinous acts. 

The suspects had allegedly employed burner phones to coordinate their movements and communicate about the execution of their plan without leaving a digital footprint traceable by conventional means.

The dramatic nature of the arrests and the subsequent unveiling of these sinister plots sent shockwaves through the local community and the nation, highlighting not just the barbarity of the crime but also the calculated intent that drove it. 

As the suspects were led away in handcuffs, the gravity of their alleged actions began to sink in, setting the stage for a judicial process fraught with emotional and legal complexities.

Investigations disclosed that Adams and her cohort had previously attempted to murder Butler in February, planning to stage an accident involving falling anvils—an echo of their dark humor and disdain for human life. However, their initial plan was thwarted when Butler did not leave her home.

The group’s method involved meticulous planning: purchasing tasers, and burner phones, and researching pain compliance methods. Court documents indicated that Adams bought five stun guns on March 23, aligning with her escalating plans. Additionally, the accused utilized prepaid phones to orchestrate the crime, ensuring their communications remained undetected until after the deed was done.

On the fateful day, supposed miscommunication about visitation schedules was likely a ruse by Adams to alter the day’s plans, detectives believe. Kelley, not the regular supervisor but stepping in last minute, joined Butler, unwittingly walking into a trap that ended in their brutal ambush.

Their disappearance triggered an extensive search, leading to a horrifying discovery on April 14 in a remote cow pasture leased by Cullum. Authorities uncovered the bodies concealed under freshly disturbed earth covered with hay, a grim testament to the calculated cruelty of the act.

Investigative Breakthroughs and Arrests

As the investigation deepened, detectives unearthed pivotal breakthroughs that starkly illustrated the nefarious depth of the plot against Veronica Butler. A particularly revealing piece of evidence was a past conversation involving Tiffany Adams, where she ominously suggested a permanent resolution to the custody dispute. 


She hinted at targeting Butler during what was supposed to be a routine drop-off of her children, a statement that showcased not just premeditation but a chilling disregard for human life.

This conversation, captured on a recovered burner phone, became a critical piece of evidence. It demonstrated the extent of animosity Adams harbored against Butler and her relentless pursuit to manipulate the custody outcome. 

These findings underscored a meticulously crafted plan, laden with malice and forethought, ultimately leading to decisive arrests. The investigative team’s ability to link these communications to physical actions and timelines was instrumental in delineating the scope of the conspiracy and ensuring the suspects were apprehended swiftly.

The group, “God’s Misfits,” a religiously affiliated anti-government ensemble, played a pivotal role in the orchestration and execution of the murders, driven by a perverse interpretation of faith and law. The suspects were reportedly motivated by a desire to secure custody of Butler’s children for Adams’ son, Wrangler Rickman, amidst his rehab stint, painting a harrowing picture of familial betrayal.

Local and state authorities, aided by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), pieced together the sequence of events from digital and physical evidence, leading to the suspects’ arrests and charges, including two counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit murder.

As the community reels from the brutality of the crime, the legal proceedings against Adams, Cullum, and the Twomblys continue, with the defendants denied bail and facing the gravitas of their alleged actions. During a recent court hearing, emotions ran high among the victims’ families, a palpable air of grief and outrage filling the courtroom.

This case, while ongoing, serves as a somber reminder of the depths of human malice and the devastating impact of domestic disputes that escalate into violence. As investigators and the community seek justice for Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley, the profound loss resonates, leaving indelible marks on the hearts of those affected.