Salvage Car Buying Tips: 5 Things To Consider

Salvage Car Buying Tips

There are a few things you should consider before buying a salvage car. A Better Bid (ABB) is one of the leading auto auctions that can help you find repairable autos for sale that could save you a lot of money. 

Many car dealers will take advantage of you by not disclosing the details of a vehicle. So, before buying a vehicle, you’ll want to first make sure that everything is as it should be.

Salvage Car Buying Tips

Find a Good Seller

Salvage cars and trucks are sold by many sellers, and some of them may take advantage of you, even though they are usually very reputable.

There is typically no warranty with independent sellers’ vehicles because they are sold “as is.” When you buy a salvage vehicle from someone you don’t know, you are taking a risk. 

In addition to offering a larger selection of vehicles, online auction sites will show the condition of each vehicle so that buyers will know if the vehicle is in good condition or if there are any problems.

There’s More to a Car’s Photo Than Meets the Eye

If you are buying a car based off of a photo, then you should keep in mind that photos may not convey all of the car’s details. The car should be seen personally by potential buyers before bidding. An inspection of the vehicle will provide a better indication of its condition and the need for repairs. 

It is better to move on to the next car if you find that it is in worse shape than the photos indicate. If you don’t find the right car for you, there will always be another.

Check the History of the Vehicle

A vehicle history report can be obtained with the VIN of the vehicle. A vehicle history report will tell you about any accidents that it has been in, as well as who has owned it before and what repairs have been done.  

Insurance companies may salvage damaged cars that have been meticulously maintained, resulting in an excellent engine and powertrain but with poor bodywork.

Make Sure the Car Has Been Inspected

In order to determine what repairs the vehicle may require, you should consult with a qualified and trusted mechanic. 

The value of salvage vehicles is often lower than their market value because they need extensive repairs; so, they can be purchased at very low prices. In comparison to the price of a new vehicle, it’s often cheaper to repair a salvage vehicle. 

Insurance for Cars

Salvage titles cannot be legally driven, but you can gain registration and driving privileges when you’ve repaired them to make them street-legal. You can request a rebuilt title after the repairs are complete. If you want to get the best insurance deal possible for your car, you will need to shop around.  

What Are The Best Places To Buy Salvage Cars? 

There are many places that have salvage cars for sale, but here are four of the best:

1. A Better Bid

Public auto auctions are held online at A Better Bid. There are over 300,000 used and salvage cars for sale through them, including “repairables,” salvage titles, and wrecked cars. They are also a registered Copart broker.

2. Birmingham Auto Auction

Live auctions are held at the Birmingham Auto Auction in Hueytown, AL, every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. EST. In addition to repossessions, wholesale inventories, and impounds, the auctions are open to the public.

3. San Antonio Auto Auction

In South Texas, San Antonio Auto Auction serves the dealership community as a member of the W Walker Auction Group. They offer weekly auto auctions as well as government surplus sales.

4. Charleston Auto Auction

As part of the XLerate Group of Businesses, Charleston Auto Auction was founded in Moncks Corner, SC and has six auction lanes. They offer dealerships an array of online selling services like multi-list online selling and simulcast auctions.

In Summary

All in all, there should be no problem finding the right salvage car or truck, no matter where you purchase it, as long as you follow these tips.