5 Reasons To Start Using Temporary Phone Numbers

5 Reasons To Start Using Temporary Phone Numbers

Temporary numbers are yet new but already popular service among internet users. They are used to sign up for online services, receive text messages over the internet, redirect calls, and so on. The first use case is the most popular of them though. Usually, a temporary phone number is operated when there appears a need to create an account on a certain website or app once or multiple times. In this case, temporary numbers have multiple significant reasons to use them. Here are those reasons.

Globally Available

This peculiarity makes temporary phone numbers what they are. Being just one of the subspecies of virtual numbers, they are used over the internet and thereby available in every country around the world. These numbers are provided by appropriate online services which operate in the forms of both websites and apps.

In light of the above, everything that the user needs to have in this case is any technological device with an internet connection. It could be a mobile phone, laptop, or personal computer. There is absolutely no difference in this regard. You can operate temporary numbers with any of those devices just through relevant platforms on the web.

Lowly Priced

How much it costs to obtain a SIM card with a connected tariff plan? In the best-case scenario, you will have to pay a few dollars. This might be quite expensive for some people, especially when it comes to getting multiple SIM cards. Moreover, since we are speaking about one-time use, there is not really much sense in paying that much money for this.

Using temporary phone numbers is much cheaper. Each providing platform sets prices on its own. However, although there are different prices everywhere because of this, usually one activation attempt costs less than $1. In most cases, it doesn’t even exceed half of this. Some platforms also provide discounts on bulk purchases which can make services less costly. Thus, temporary numbers are affordable for everyone feature.

Suitable For Every Online Service

One of the other best things about temporary phone numbers is that they are accepted by every website and app. Their type changes nothing whether it is a social network or a dating service. There is no such thing when it doesn’t work for the intended purpose because it is not suitable for a certain platform for one or another reason.

To say more, this feature also helps to access restricted or prohibited online services. There are some that just don’t provide an opportunity to register an account with phone numbers issued in specific countries. To get around this sort of restriction, it is necessary to just use a temporary number from the cellular carrier in another country which is allowed. You are not prohibited to use phone numbers from different countries while staying in the same location.

Totally Confidential

Temporary phone numbers are also a popular choice among internet users that care about their online privacy. This is caused by multiple advantages that they bring to the table in this regard. The list of them is really huge. Those are represented by the fact that such phone numbers are:

  • Untrackable. It is possible to track the location of a regular mobile phone number using specialized tools. But when it comes to tracking a temporary number, there is no way to do this because it has a static location that has no connections to the location of the user.
  • Unavailable for fraudulent text messages and calls. Temporary phone numbers are designed to receive only verification codes from online services. Thereby, even if when they get leaked, there is nothing to worry about as it is not possible technically to use them for any harmful purpose.
  • Collecting no personal data. You don’t have to provide and disclose by that any confidential information to use and get a temporary number. It is completely private and most often requires users to only go through a simple registration process. So there are no indicators showing that you are the exact person using that number.

The enefits listed above are just the most significant ones. In addition, temporary phone numbers also don’t stay on the market for too long and thus leave no traces on the web. This is really a good feature for those who want to increase their online privacy within minutes and without taking complicated actions.

Can Be Used Unlimitedly

There is often an opinion that temporary numbers are like regular numbers so each person can have only one or not more than a few of them. This is how it works with real SIM cards from cellular carriers. But there is no issue of this kind when operating temporary phone numbers. They have absolutely no limitations in this sense no matter what the case is. No one is limited in how many temporary numbers he or she can use. You can activate as many of them as needed.

It makes it possible to operate them for creating a literally infinite number of accounts on any website or app. Some people take advantage of this opportunity when registering profiles to do mass mailing, others do this to enjoy the same discount multiple times. There are literally numerous use cases for this feature. It is only about tasks and goals set by each person. Users can operate it for their own purpose without any difficulties.


Want to sign up for blocked online service, create multiple accounts on the same platform or just avoid disclosing a personal phone number on the internet? Temporary numbers are a great solution for all these tasks. It is a complete and multipurpose solution that is also pretty affordable and available from anywhere in the world.

You need only any device with an internet connection to use a temporary phone number. It could be a mobile phone, tablet, or even a personal computer. There are no complicated requirements for this since temporary numbers are operated through specialized websites or apps. So, this feature is definitely worth using, especially when there are appropriate goals to complete.