6 Questions A Lawyer Will Ask You During The Initial Consultation

Questions A Lawyer Will Ask You During The Initial Consultation

Accident victims are often left confused about how to proceed with their case. Most victims are not legal experts, which is why they should seek the help of a lawyer.

If you are a victim, you may worry about the lawyer fee on top of other expenses. But you need to know that most lawyers work on contingency fee arrangements and offer free initial consultations. So you don’t have to worry about lawyers’ fees. 

When consulting a personal injury lawyer, the lawyer will ask many questions to completely understand your case. You must be prepared to answer all these questions. 

When answering these questions, you should be thorough and truthful. Following are the six most common questions a lawyer will ask during the initial consultation:

1. When Did The Accident Happen? 

This is the most basic question that all lawyers will ask. There is a reason why lawyers ask this question. In the US, victims are allowed to file a claim only for a certain time period. Once the time limit is exceeded, victims cannot take any action. This rule is known as the statute of limitations. 

This is why lawyers ask when the accident happened. By asking this question, they will get to know whether the statute of limitations has expired or not.

2. Did You Seek Medical Attention Following The Accident?

Seeking medical attention following the accident is very important. Prompt medical attention is good for your health as well as your case. If you don’t get your injuries treated, the insurance companies will claim that your injuries are not severe. Further, they will also say that you intentionally made your injuries worse by not getting medical attention.

This can complicate the case. So the lawyer will ask about this before taking the case so that they can work on an effective counter strategy.

3. What Was Your Part In The Accident?

This is an important question that most lawyers will ask. They ask this because negligence rules like contributory negligence and comparative negligence exist. 

These rules have a direct effect on the compensation you receive. In some states, you cannot claim compensation, even if you are one percent responsible for the accident. 

So the lawyer will want to know whether you share responsibility for the accident. 

4. Do You Have The Contact Information Of The At-Fault Party?

The actions you take following the accident play an important role in the claim process. You need to collect the information of other involved parties. If you fail to do this, you may never be able to find the person again.

If you don’t have the contact information of the other parties, it is extra work for the lawyer. They have to initiate an investigation and find the liable party.

5. Have You Collected Any Evidence?

Yes, the lawyer will hire people to collect evidence. But you can certainly do your part. You can collect the contact information of the witnesses and take photographs of the accident. 

Photos and videos of your injuries and damage to your property can help prove your case. Having these pieces of evidence will make your case easier.

6. What Losses Have You Incurred?

Knowing what you have lost is important when claiming compensation. The lawyer will ask about the expenses you have incurred to calculate your economic losses. 

They will calculate your economic losses and non-economic losses based on how you answer this question. So be truthful when you answer this question. Tell them about the mental trauma you are going through, too.

The initial consultation is important since lawyers offer only one free consultation. Be prepared to answer all questions. Hope this blog post helped you prepare yourself for your free consultation.