5 Luxury Arabian Style Home Decor Ideas

Luxury Arabian Style Home Decor Ideas

Arabian style of home decorating attracts attention with its luxury, sophistication and refinement. Reflecting the rich history and culture of the Arab world, this style gives the interior a unique atmosphere of oriental luxury and harmony. If you dream of transforming your penthouse in Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates into a true Arabian paradise, here are five luxurious Arabian decorating style ideas to help you create a unique space.

Oriental Motifs And Patterns

One of the main features of Arabic style is the use of oriental motifs and patterns. These can be intricate geometric patterns, arabesques, calligraphy or images of local plants and animals. They are used on walls, floors, furniture and textiles.

Mosaics are also a characteristic element of the Arabic style. Luxurious mosaic patterns can be made of ceramic tiles, marble or glass. They will add a unique charm and sophistication to your home.

Rich Fabrics And Textiles

Use rich fabrics and textiles to create an atmosphere of luxury in Arabian style. Choose curtains, cushions and bedspreads with embroidery, gold threads and fringes. Preference should be given to fabrics in bright colours such as deep red, elegant purple, gold and blue. These shades combined with Arabic patterns will give your interior a luxurious and exotic feel.

Traditional Furniture And Accessories

Traditional Arabian furniture and accessories are an integral part of Arabian style. They are made of wood, metal, leather and velour, and their design is characterised by elegance and sophistication.

Special attention should be paid to such pieces of furniture as sofas with pouffes, table lamps and lamps, tea tables, and ornamented cabinets and chests of drawers. These items will create a cosy environment and complement the style of your home.

Original Chandeliers And Light Fixtures

Exquisite lamps and chandeliers are an important part of Arabian style and create a special atmosphere in a room. Choose chandeliers with wrought iron elements, crystal pendants or glass plafonds that will create bright reflections and plays of light.

You can also use wall lights with gemstones or patterns that will add mystery and mystique to your home. Remember that lighting plays an important role in creating ambience, so lamps and fixtures should be chosen carefully.

Atriums And Internal Gardens

Traditionally, Arab houses often have atriums and inner gardens, which are a symbol of luxury and prosperity. These green corners serve as a place of relaxation and privacy, as well as helping to naturally ventilate and cool the house in hot weather.

You can create a small indoor garden with live plants or sculptures in the style of Arabic architecture. Such decoration will add a sense of harmony and tranquillity that is so characteristic of the Arabian style.

Usage Of Colours In The Arab Houses And Their Meanings

Arabian style of interior decor is one of the most refined and luxurious styles in the world. This style is characterised by the use of bright and saturated colours that create an atmosphere of mystery and exoticism. 

Red colour.

Red is one of the most popular colours in the Arabic style of interior decor. It symbolises love, passion, strength and energy. Red is used to create bright accents in rooms, such as in the form of rugs, cushions or curtains. It can also be used to create luxurious details such as gold jewellery or crystals.

Green colour.

The colour green is a symbol of life, growth and wealth. It is often used to create a sense of nature and tranquillity in rooms. Green can be used to create plant patterns on walls or furniture, or to decorate a room with live plants.

Blue colour.

Blue is a symbol of wisdom, spirituality and harmony. It is used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in rooms. Blue can be used to decorate walls, furniture or accessories such as vases or candles.

Gold colour.

The colour gold is a symbol of wealth, luxury and abundance. It is used to create luxurious details in rooms such as mirrors, lamps or jewellery. Gold colour can be used to create striking accents in rooms and add mystery and exoticism to them.

Brown colour.

Brown colour is a symbol of earth, tradition and cosiness. It is used to create natural tones in rooms, such as wooden furniture or rugs. Brown can also be used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in rooms.


Arabic style home decorating offers many luxurious ideas that will help you create a unique and sophisticated interior. Use oriental motifs, rich fabrics, traditional furniture, elegant fixtures and interior gardens to transform your home into a true oriental paradise. With Arabic style, your interior will become a unique work of art that will delight you and your family. 

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