Is USA Network On Peacock: Here’s What You Need To Do?

Is USA Network On Peacock

Streaming platforms like Peacock have emerged as frontrunners, reshaping how we access our favorite shows and movies. Owned by NBCUniversal, Peacock features a rich catalog of content that caters to a diverse audience, including fans of classic TV channels like the USA Network. Known for popular series such as “Suits,” “Mr. Robot,” and “The Sinner,” USA Network has been a staple in American homes for decades. This article explores whether USA Network has made its way onto Peacock, providing an in-depth look at how viewers can enjoy its compelling content through the convenience of streaming.

Is usa network on peacock?

Yes, USA Network content is available on Peacock. Peacock, the streaming service launched by NBCUniversal, includes a variety of USA Network’s popular shows as part of its extensive library. Viewers can enjoy series like “Suits,” “Mr. Robot,” and “The Sinner” on-demand. This inclusion allows fans of USA Network to access their favorite programming anytime and anywhere without needing a traditional cable subscription. However, it’s important to note that while many USA Network shows are on Peacock, not all content from the network may be available, so checking the Peacock catalog for specific titles is recommended.

The Content Partnership Between USA Network and Peacock

The content partnership between USA Network and Peacock is a strategic move by NBCUniversal to bolster its streaming service with a robust selection of popular and engaging programming. As both entities fall under the NBCUniversal umbrella, this collaboration leverages the traditional cable audience of USA Network alongside the digital-first audience of Peacock. Here’s a breakdown of how this partnership works and what it entails:

Content Sharing: The partnership allows Peacock to stream a range of USA Network’s programming. This includes the full seasons of the current series shortly after they air on cable, as well as a backlog of older seasons and series. By doing so, Peacock can appeal to fans of established USA Network shows, encouraging them to use the streaming platform.

Simultaneous Streaming: For some shows, episodes are available on Peacock the day after they air on USA Network. This model particularly appeals to viewers who prefer streaming access and might not have a traditional cable subscription.

Exclusive Streaming Rights: Peacock often secures exclusive streaming rights for certain USA Network shows, making it the only platform where these shows can be streamed after airing. This exclusivity helps Peacock differentiate itself from other streaming services.

Benefit to Subscribers: This partnership benefits Peacock subscribers by giving them access to a wider range of content, including live sports, news, and entertainment, which now includes popular USA Network shows. This makes Peacock a more comprehensive service, aligning with consumer preferences for on-demand content across genres.

Marketing and Promotions: The partnership is also used as a marketing tool, with NBCUniversal promoting Peacock as the go-to streaming service for USA Network fans. This is part of a broader strategy to increase subscriber numbers and build a loyal viewer base.

How to find USA Network shows on Peacock?

Finding USA Network shows on Peacock is a simple process, enhanced by the platform’s intuitive interface and robust search features. Whether you are a long-time fan of USA Network’s programming or new to their shows, Peacock makes it easy to access their content. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate Peacock and discover USA Network shows:

Create or Access Your Account:

Before you can start watching, you need an account. If you haven’t signed up yet, visit the Peacock website, download the app, and choose from several subscription options. Peacock offers a free tier, which includes ads and premium tiers that provide 

broader access to content and fewer interruptions.

Navigating the Interface:

Upon logging into Peacock, you’ll land on the homepage, your gateway to all content. The interface includes a navigation bar, a search function, and various content tiles organized by category.

Utilizing the Search Bar:

Use the search bar at the top of every page for direct access to a specific show. Simply type the name of the USA Network show you’re interested in. If Peacock has the right to stream it, the show will appear in the search results. This method is the quickest way to find your desired program.

Exploring Categories and Collections:

Peacock organizes content into categories such as genres, newly added titles, popular shows, and exclusive collections. If you are interested in discovering various USA Network shows, look for categories that might house them, like “Crime & Drama” or “Classic Hits.” Sometimes, Peacock features a specific network’s content in a dedicated section, especially if several popular shows from that network are available.

Curated Lists and Personalized Recommendations:

Peacock curates lists of shows based on themes, popularity, and viewing trends. Check these lists for USA Network shows, often featured due to their popularity. Additionally, based on your watching habits, Peacock’s algorithm may suggest USA Network shows under personalized recommendations on your homepage.

Using the ‘Channels’ Feature:

Unlike traditional on-demand viewing, Peacock offers a ‘Channels’ feature where you can watch a continuous stream of shows, mimicking the live TV experience. Look for a USA Network channel or channels that frequently broadcast USA Network shows. This feature is particularly appealing if you enjoy the luck of catching programs as they air.

Adjust Your Profile for Tailored Content:

To enhance your viewing experience, ensure your profile settings reflect your preferences. By setting your interests and viewing habits, you can help Peacock’s recommendation system better understand your preferences, potentially leading to more accurate suggestions of USA Network content.

Stay Updated on New Additions:

Peacock periodically updates its content library. Monitoring new releases and platform updates can help you catch the latest from USA Network as soon as it becomes available.

Tips For Navigating Peacock To Access USA Network shows.

Navigating Peacock to find and enjoy USA Network shows can be a smooth experience with the right tips and tricks. Here are some practical suggestions to enhance your streaming experience on Peacock and ensure you get the most out of the USA Network content available:

  • Use the search function to type in the USA Network name of the show you want to watch. This is the most direct way to find specific shows. If you are still determining the exact title, try keywords or partial titles and browse the suggested results.
  • Since many USA Network shows fall under specific genres like drama, crime, or thriller, exploring these categories on Peacock can help you discover these shows. Peacock often groups similar shows together, making finding something you’ll enjoy more leisurely.
  • Use the ‘Watchlist’ feature to bookmark USA Network shows you are interested in. This allows you to easily return to these shows whenever you log in, saving time and enhancing your viewing experience.
  • For an optimal viewing experience, adjust your streaming settings according to your internet speed and device capabilities. This can help reduce buffering times and improve video quality, smoothing your streaming experience.
  • If multiple people are using the same Peacock account, create individual profiles. This way, each profile’s recommendations and watch history will be tailored to the individual’s viewing habits, potentially highlighting more USA Network content for channel fans.
  • Enable notifications in your account settings to receive updates about new episodes or seasons of your favorite USA Network shows and any new USA Network content that becomes available on Peacock.
  • The ‘Channels’ feature offers a lineup of shows playing in real-time, similar to traditional TV broadcasting. Check if there is a dedicated stream for USA Network or if USA Network shows are featured in the schedule of other channels.
  • Keep an eye on the ‘New Releases’ and ‘Exclusives’ sections of Peacock. New additions, including episodes and series from USA Network, are frequently highlighted here.

Final Words

Peacock offers a convenient platform for fans of USA Network shows, blending traditional TV favorites with the flexibility of on-demand streaming. By effectively using Peacock’s features—such as its search function, personalized recommendations, and offline viewing capabilities—you can maximize your viewing experience and keep up with your favorite USA Network series and episodes at your own pace and preference. Whether you’re a long-time fan of USA Network’s diverse programming or new to its shows, Peacock makes it easy to discover and enjoy high-quality content. So dive in, explore, and let Peacock bring the best of USA Network directly to your screen.


  1. Do I need a separate subscription to watch USA Network on Peacock?
  2. No, you don’t need a separate subscription. USA Network content is included with certain Peacock subscription plans, though availability may vary by region and subscription tier.
  3. Can I watch live USA Network programming on Peacock?
  4. While Peacock primarily offers on-demand streaming, some USA Network shows may be available shortly after airing on the network. However, live programming may not be available through Peacock.
  5. Are there any additional fees for accessing USA Network shows on Peacock?
  6. Depending on your subscription plan, access to USA Network content on Peacock may be included with no additional fees. However, premium tiers of Peacock may offer more USA Network shows and features for a higher subscription cost.