Destiny 2: How To Master The Threatening Reach Encounter Triumph In Crota’s End Raid

How To Master The Threatening Reach Encounter Triumph In Crota's End Raid

In Season of the Witch, Destiny 2 reprises one of Destiny 1’s signature raids, Crota’s End. This raid is back in a much more even state, with unique mechanics, and a difficulty level that stands alongside much of the game’s other top content. Along with Crota’s End, we also got a new title called Swordbearer, named after the mighty knights you’ll encounter during the various raid fights. However, earning this title requires a lot of effort, including completing the Elemental and Class Matching Raid multiple times. 

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What Are Raid Encounter Triumphs In Destiny 2?

The main distinctive feature of raid Encounter Triumphs in Destiny 2 is that they call for fireteams to execute raid fights in a unique manner. Any Raid Seal or Title requires completing Encounter Triumphs. For example, in order to get the Swordbearer Title for Crota’s End, you must achieve all other triumphs for that Seal as well as the four unique Encounter Triumphs connected to the 4 encounters of Crota’s End. The Essence of Oversoul, an exotic resource you must gather to eventually earn the Exotic Auto Rifle Necrochasm and its Catalyst, will also be awarded to you for Crota’s End with each Encounter Triumph.

Tips And Tricks For Completing The Encounter Triumph 

In the Crota’s End Raid in Destiny 2, players should fight every Swordbearer in the Oversoul Throne Bridge encounter from the other side of the abyss in order to accomplish the Threatening Reach Triumph. Here is how it works with finishing the Triumph:

  • Choose who in your fireteam will cross over to the opposing side first before the encounter begins. The first Swordbearer will be eliminated by this player, and they will probably serve as the primary Guardian in charge of the Swordbearers for the duration of the battle. The best weapons for this are Wish Ender, Sniper or Linear Fusion Rifles, as they have almost infinite Range and high damage.
  • To grant players the Enlightened buff, start passing the Chalice of Light around. After the first player has handed off the chalice, they should begin constructing the bridge by using up their Enlightened buff. No other guardian should speed up the Bridge with their Enlightenment.
  • Once all but one person has the Enlightened buff, the player with Chalise must cross the bridge and place her on the pedestal. After this, one can calmly destroy Swordbearers from the other side until all the swords are placed on pedestals.

The Threatening Reach is one of 4 encounter triumphs in Crota’s End that is necessary for unlocking the Swordbearer Title. Apart from the Threatening Reach, the other triumphs in Crota’s End are as follows:

  • Feather-Light — To complete the Feather-Light Triumph, players need to enlighten every totem and use the rally flag to gain an armor charge, and do the first preservation swap. Players need to make sure that none of the six people on their fireteam hit 10 stacks of Weight of Darkness.
  • Communal Rites — A challenge that requires players to expunge the Enlighten buff at least once per Ir Yut damage phase. Players can expunge the buff by holding the interact button while near the boss, causing their Guardian to explode and deal damage to the boss. Only one player needs to expunge the Enlighten buff per Ir Yut damage phase to complete the Communal Rites challenge.
  • Singular Sensation — The challenge requires players to complete the Crota, Son of Oryx encounter with only one player Enlightened at a time. To complete the Singular Sensation challenge, players need to closely coordinate Chalice buff swaps and Sword pickups. The player who becomes Enlightened must immediately kill a Swordbearer and grab their Sword. By the time they grab a Sword, the Chalice should be close to charged.

Hidden Bonus Chests 

Crota’s End offers a variety of hidden achievements and puzzles, just like all previous raids in Destiny 2. Of particular importance are the hidden Bonus Raid Chests, which provide players with additional raid loot and unique raid modifications from extra chests each week. However, until recently, the bug prevented anyone from completing the Spoils of Conquest victory or discovering all the treasures.

In update, Bungie confirmed that there have been glitches since the start of the season, namely the appearance of an unplanned third chest. The developers have fixed the bug by removing the extra chest from the triumph, leaving two planned chests that players can obtain in the following areas:

  • The Abyss — The raid’s first encounter, The Abyss, contains the location of the first hidden treasure. This chest can be found by searching the depths of the Abyss for  the fifth door to the left from the start that leads to the area where the treasure is concealed.
  • Screamer’s Hallway — After Brigde Encounter, there will be a narrow corridor in front of you, in which many enemies will spawn. In order to get the chest, you must have time to bring Chalise of Light into the pedestal before the door in front of it closes.

The Crota’s End Raid of Destiny 2’s hidden bonus chests must be found in order to obtain the Spoils of Conquest Triumph. Players will get the rare Warped Rachis Shader after looting both chests, advancing them toward the Swordbearer Title.

Achieve Success In The Raid

To achieve success in the Crota’s End Raid and conquer the Threatening Reach Encounter Triumph, meticulous coordination, teamwork, and strategic gameplay are paramount. Mastering this encounter is a real challenge, demanding a lot of effort and in-depth preparation. But if you successfully complete all game challenges, a lot of unique titles will be granted to you.