How To Keep Your Digital Business Safe With SIEM Management Services

How To Keep Your Digital Business Safe With SIEM Management Services

As there are more advancements in technology, frauds are coming up with smarter ways of hacking into the software systems of businesses. That is why many companies start to rely on SIEM management services to enhance security. According to UnderDefense, with early detection, all fraudulent activities are eliminated before it causes serious problems.

SIEM or Security Information and Event Management is a solution that monitors data ensuring that any malware is eliminated. It is a centralized log tool that looks at data from all systems including apps. This tool provides real-time information on the security status of an establishment. The main areas of focus are threat detection and launching an appropriate response. So how does SIEM work and what are some benefits?

What It Offers

With the digital transformation, cyber crimes are on the rise as well. Data breaches have cost businesses over 4.35 billion US dollars. Because this is likely to increase over the next few years, it is prudent to get the best security. That is where hiring a SIEM management company comes in handy. Some of the advantages include:

Threat detection

When a SIEM has been configured properly, it provides better threat detection. It should suit the environment for you to get accurate alerts. There are specific indicators it will look out for when performing an analysis. If the tool has preset alerts, change them to suit your business.

Getting too many alerts can leave you exposed. You won’t know the most important alerts to focus on. So make sure to use the right indicators. This prevents false alarms giving your team the chance to deal with the most imminent threats on time.

Timely response

Apart from providing threat detection, a SIEM can help you boost security by creating defense systems. This usually comes in the form of :

  • VPN
  • Firewalls
  • Routers

Networks are another way to provide security for a digital business. These all help to keep all malware under control.

Limiting risky data

Another way of enhancing security is by limiting access to data. This is done by creating authorized access control. Anyone accessing data should be able to account for it with prior authorization. SIEM management services offer security of the perimeter for apps. This helps to keep data and customers safe. Once a threat is detected, the SIEM will use one or several of these methods to eliminate it.

SIEMs will alert you immediately if a threat is detected. There is also a hierarchy of threats. The most important are notified and dealt with first. The reaction is only adequate if your team has the right data.

Log management

Another challenge that businesses face is keeping up with local regulations. Businesses are required to keep logs for up to one year before submission to organizations such as HIPAA. This can be cumbersome. SIEM management services can help to overcome this challenge.

SIEM differs from other systems in that it collects and stores all logs in a central location. This is as opposed to keeping the logs on the hosting system. In such cases, if there is a breach, the logs will also be affected. If the host is affected the logs will be compromised as well.

By aggregating logs into a central location away from the hosting company, there is more protection. Even if there is a threat within a business or a problem with hardware or software, the logs remain unaffected.

Customizable solutions

SIEM can be designed to suit your needs. All that is required is to configure the type of data to look out for. Things that you can change to ensure you get the right data include:

  • Dashboards
  • Alerts
  • Reports

Despite what your objectives are, this tool can be easily trained so that your alerts are personalized. Without this training, you won’t get the exact data. Each time the environment is new, the SIEM needs to be trained. This may take some time so that the tool can keep up with the changes in networks, software or threats.

Easy integration

When a business is searching for a security solution, it is important to find something that can be easily integrated with existing software. SIEM provides just that. This security solution can be integrated with:

  • Marketing platforms
  • Vendor products
  • Customer apps
  • Cloud services

This provides security over a wider coverage. You will get feedback on all software connected to your business. Increased threat visibility means more security for the entire company. All areas are covered with quick threat detection at all points. Access to more data will reduce the likelihood of having hackers infiltrate your company.

Transparent reports

The only way to ensure that the security system you are using to protect your business is through regular reports. SIEM management services can help you get transparent and accurate reports. Knowing the current state of your company helps you figure out which areas need improvements.

SIEM will scan your business 24/7, thus providing regular analysis and reports. This is done at all times to ensure logs are kept away from hackers.

Reduced expenses

A SIEM is a cost-effective solution for many businesses. Because it is customizable, users can only pay for the needed services. So you can work with a set budget from the beginning. If you need extra capabilities, the providing company can include them in your plan. All you have to do is choose the number of endpoints to use.

Final Thoughts

Security in a digital company is crucial. Any breach can affect your customers and reduce their trust. It is important to make it a priority at all times. The best option is to use SIEM management services, which offer so many benefits. This tool provides timely theater analysis and detection thus providing your team with the chance to take necessary action early on.

It also improves log management by using a centralized system. Any security breach on the host will not affect the logs. Also, you can pay only for the endpoints needed. This cuts expenses significantly. By using a SIEM, you keep your business and customers safe. It is possible to overcome the burden that comes with data leaks through SIEM management.