Unlocking The Power Of Content: How To Get New Followers On Instagram Consistently

How To Get New Followers On Instagram Consistently

Instagram is once again the best social network for sharing photos. Those who already have an Instagram account know that the success of a profile depends on the number of people who subscribe to you. But how to grow your audience with more Instagram followers?

Have you ever dreamed of creating an Instagram account with many followers as a beginner? The road to the first 1,000 followers is thorny. And beginners need to learn the right techniques to help influencer experts get more followers quickly and for free.

In this guide, we’re going to show you a few of the best Instagram influencer’s life hacks that you can use right now. These effective strategies will help you escape the depths of low-follower hell. And it will help you get free Instagram followers and quality Instagram likes fast.

We aim to provide you with as many recommendations as possible that will make you more successful. After all, we are judged by the success of our strategies. Try a few of these lifehacks and get free Instagram followers right now!

How Much Does It Cost To Be Successful On Instagram?

Unlike Facebook, Instagram can still be created without spending money on advertising. However, the most significant investment is your time. And a lot of time at that. If you’re serious about Instagram, remember there is no shortcut, and you’ll have to spend that time on the app. So companies should be bold and invest in a quality admin or promoting Instagram posts, even a very small budget can help you develop the platform and build a brand faster. 

Instagram is talked about at every marketing conference, but your business can have it. If your target audience is 40+, consider other promotional channels; 71% of Instagram users are under 35. It will also not be the best promotional channel for B2B companies.

Get Free Instagram Followers Through Regularity

No matter what area of online marketing you’re in, regularity is key. Instagram works on an almost identical algorithm: the more often you post new posts, the greater your reach. And regular, in this case, is not regularly once a year, but at least five times a week.

To get more Instagram followers for your IG account as quickly as possible, we recommend posting at least five times a week and at least every other day.

Keyword Optimization

The main feature by which Instagram accounts are found is integrated search. It creates topics in the form of hashtags and allows you to find other Instagram accounts. Therefore, choosing the right searchable keywords is also crucial on Instagram.

There are two ways to separate the desired Instagram username from the main keyword to make things look nicer, either with an underscore or a full stop.

Doubling the range 

Every piece of content you post on Instagram will have an organic reach. This is a limitation of Instagram’s inbuilt algorithm. How great is it if you could double your reach in just one post? You can do this with a trick that many great Instagram users use to get free Instagram followers.

Find Involved Groups and Modules

To become involved, you must first find relevant groups. You can use Instagram search or browse Facebook groups. Facebook groups often have another exchange through which you can become a group member.

You can also set up your module. To do this, contact other IG users with the same topic but with a small number of followers and invite them to become part of your group. This is usually quick, and the likelihood of success is high.

Increase Relevance 

People who come across your Instagram account or even subscribe to it are interested in a specific topic. Exactly the topic that you come across in the account. You can increase the topic relevance of your IG account to get free subscribers and likes on Instagram.

Remember: topic relevance is extremely important on Instagram. Only if you stick to a specific topic and don’t deviate from it will people be able to recognize you, and you will get more free Instagram followers. 

Quality Profile Picture and Biography 

Choose a profile picture that will attract maximum attention. The Instagram account photo may be small, but it is the first thing potential followers will see. Consider filling out a bio, which should briefly describe who you are, your hobbies, etc. This is where you can add a reference to your website. Match your photos to the same color tone. For this, you can use the individual filters that Instagram offers you. Such content will be more pleasing to the eye of your profile visitor and will help you attract new subscribers.

Be Consistent

Much has been written about coordinated “feeding”. If you need to know what a feed is, it’s what Instagram calls the archive of published photos you see when you open your profile. A user should be able to figure out your profile at a glance. “And that’s when we enjoy everything possible!” We’ve heard this answer hundreds of times in workshops. But always answer the same thing:

It’s important to stick to one theme. If you’re traveling, people turn to you for travel inspiration rather than to read a cake recipe. It’s better to post it on Stories. Same with blogging (although it’s more for SEO here), there’s no point in having a blog where you write about traveling, marketing, fashion, and throw recipes here and there! 

The profile should be unified in terms of topic and visually coordinated. Most marketers and influencers use the Lightroom app ( as in Lightroom ), but you can also use other apps or edit directly on Instagram (pick one filter and stick to it).

What not to do:

These are the “artists” who run their photos through 20 apps. Better take a course on Lightroom or buy presets (preset filters) from bloggers because Lightroom does everything you need. Editing one photo with 20 filters in different apps wastes time. 

Tip: In the Preview or Buffer app, you can upload the photos you plan to publish and see how well they fit together. 

Which Photos to Post?

Only post photos and videos that you’re completely happy with. If you need quality visuals, please don’t post. The optimal photo size for Instagram is 1080 x 1350 pixels (portrait photo). Of course, you can stick to the classic square format, which works too. We don’t recommend landscape formats for marketers and brands, as they take up much less screen space and are less likely to grab attention. 

  • Photos should match at first glance.
  • Being sharp.
  • Clear to users.
  • Relevant to your focus.

Note: Quality content doesn’t always mean you have to shoot on a DSLR; everything has to be perfectly composed and edited. Your channel can easily consist of snapshots. But we don’t recommend posting a cool product photo one day, reposting another user’s photo the next day, taking a behind-the-scenes shot on the third day, and posting a photo from a professional photographer on the fourth. 

You can also Buy Subscribers on Instagram

Subscribers can be purchased directly. But be careful, these accounts will be “random”. Think carefully in advance if you want to have subscribers from different parts of the world and those who don’t like your profile content. These can also be so-called dead accounts, which means that these Instagram users are not active in any way. This method of getting subscribers will definitely help you in quantity but don’t rely too much on quality.

Post Regularly with #Hashtags

Your subscribers want to know what you’re up to. Adding one post a month is not going to make you popular. Make a rough outline in advance of the posts you want to share and publish them to the world in small time intervals.

Remember to add hashtags to your photos to make your posts visible to people interested in those topics.

Rules for writing #hashtags:

  • Hashtag only without spaces – if you want to use multiple words in one hashtag, you need to combine them.
  • Don’t overuse hashtags – use only the most relevant ones.
  • Choose popular hashtags – get inspired by hashtag choices for successful profiles!
  • Hashtags are keywords that characterize the content of your publications. Using them will make your posts stand out in search.

Gaining followers on Instagram is a long way off, but following these rules will help you get there faster. Gradually, you will learn which tricks have brought you the most followers. 

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels have been the most effective way to engage fans on Instagram for some time. They have the highest reach, and Instagram favors them over rival network TikTok. Our advice is to add 2 Instagram Reels per week.

Add Instagram Stories

Instastories are the perfect choice for interacting and bonding with your fans. Stories are available for 24 hours, so you can share photos and videos here that aren’t necessarily part of your regular content. These could be snapshots from behind the scenes of your company or an excursion into your personal life, for example. Our advice is to add 1 each day.

Classic Posts

Even though we now live in the age of Instareels and Stories, you definitely should remember classic posts, as your profile posts often make up the majority of your visible content. Our advice is 20 posts a month.

Live Video

Remember to use live streaming to interact with your fans in real-time, respond to their comments or questions, or even invite one of them to your live broadcast. Our advice is, ideally, three live broadcasts a week.

Add a Location

You can add a location to your post, such as where the photo was taken. Instagram allows you to search for posts by location, another chance for more potential fans to find your profile.

What about Emoticons, or why Use Emoji

To use or not to use emojis? While studies disagree on how much emojis increase engagement, the bottom line is always the same: use them. And the more, the better. According to the latest data from Social Insider, posts with 25 emojis work best. We have never managed to fit that many emojis into one post, or if we have ever seen a post with that many emojis. 

An older Quintly study from 2017 claims it can increase engagement by up to 15%, and a more recent Social Insider study from the second half of 2019 found that photos with emojis in the description have an average 26% higher engagement rate. Video, the difference is even bigger and more dramatic. Videos with emojis in the description attract 70% more attention than videos without the caption. Despite this, 50% of users don’t use emoticons, so why not include them?


You can only make it on Instagram with planning. For personal accounts, we recommend using at least an app like Preview or Buffer (free for one account), where you can plan out your posts in advance and see how individual photos look next to each other. Anyone serious about Instagram should have a publishing plan.

In business, Instagram should be a smooth channel where posts are made daily, but a fixed part of a marketing strategy with clear and predetermined goals. Posts should be consistent with other online and offline marketing activities and harmonize visually and in content.