How Much Does Living In Lees Summit, Mo Cost?

How Much Does Living In Lees Summit

When pondering the question, “Should I move to Lee’s Summit?”, a myriad of factors come into play. One of the most essential is understanding the cost of living in Lees Summit MO. A city characterized by its unique blend of history, community, and modern amenities, Lees Summit has become a sought-after location for many. Whether you’re a budding professional, growing family, or looking for the perfect retirement spot, this guide will delve into what you need to know about the living costs here.

Diving into the details, we’ll not only provide figures and comparisons but also paint a picture of life in Lee’s Summit MO. The decision to relocate hinges on more than just numbers. It’s about the lifestyle, the vibe, and the opportunities.

Lastly, with the influx of residents considering various suburbs of Kansas City, comparisons like “Lees Summit MO cost of living vs Lenexa KS” have become more prevalent. We’ll touch on that too, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of where Lees Summit stands.

Background of Lees Summit, MO

Nestled within the larger Kansas City metropolitan area, Lee’s Summit is renowned for its picturesque downtown, top-tier schools, and welcoming neighborhoods. For those unfamiliar, understanding the background is crucial to grasping why its cost of living is what it is.

The city has grown exponentially over the past decades, witnessing developments in infrastructure, business hubs, and recreational facilities. As it evolves, the cost of living in Lees Summit MO reflects these changes, harmonizing with the increasing quality of life it offers.

Moreover, cultural diversity, community events, and a slew of other activities mean residents aren’t just paying for a place to stay; they’re investing in a lifestyle. If you’ve ever wondered, “Should I move to Lee’s Summit?”, the vibrancy of its community life offers a compelling reason.

Housing Costs

Unquestionably, housing is a substantial chunk of one’s monthly expenses, regardless of where you live. In Lee’s Summit, this reality is no different.

Renting vs Buying

In the ever-ongoing debate of renting versus buying, Lee’s Summit presents some intriguing arguments for both sides. Renting offers flexibility, which is especially valuable for those still unsure about putting down permanent roots. On the other hand, buying can be viewed as an investment, especially with property values in the city on an upward trajectory.

Average Rent

Dwellers looking to rent can expect a range, with a two-bedroom apartment hovering between $1,000 and $1,300 monthly. These numbers shift based on exact locations, the age of the property, and the amenities on offer. As the cost of living in Lees Summit MO sees slight fluctuations, so too does the rental market, influenced by demand and available inventory.

Property Prices

For those leaning more towards purchasing, the property landscape is diverse. Median home values oscillate between $250,000 to $300,000, but properties in more upscale neighborhoods or with larger plots can fetch a higher price. For anyone comparing the Lees Summit MO cost of living vs Lenexa KS, it’s crucial to note that while property prices might be somewhat comparable, the lifestyle and community vibe can differ significantly.

Transportation Costs

Moving around efficiently is pivotal, and in Lee’s Summit, there’s a blend of transportation modes at various price points.

Public Transportation

While Lee’s Summit offers a sense of suburban tranquility, it’s not isolated. Public transportation options, though not as extensive as in larger cities, exist and are reasonably priced. Monthly costs for regular commuters hover around the $50-$70 range.

Cost of Owning a Car

For many, having a personal vehicle remains the most convenient option. Between gas, maintenance, insurance, and car payments, residents might see monthly costs between $500 to $800. Factors like the type of vehicle, driving habits, and current gas prices play a role in this estimation.

Food and Dining

From daily meals to weekend brunches, the cost of living in Lees Summit MO wouldn’t be complete without a nod to food and dining expenses.

Grocery Costs

For groceries, individual costs will vary based on dietary preferences, shopping habits, and household size. On average, though, a single individual might be looking at monthly grocery bills between $300 to $400. This figure can adjust with the inclusion of specialty items, organic products, or more frequent shopping trips.

Dining Out

Life in Lee’s Summit MO is accentuated by its array of eateries, from cozy diners to more upscale restaurants. Depending on where you decide to dine, a meal can cost between $10 to $50 per person. Special occasions, fine dining, or opting for the chef’s special can push that number higher.

Entertainment And Recreation

Living isn’t just about the essentials. Entertainment and recreation add color to life, making cities like Lee’s Summit so appealing.

Movies, Events, and Leisure

The movie-going crowd can expect tickets to be around the $12 mark. For those inclined towards theater or special city events, ticket prices can range from $25 to well over $100, depending on the event’s magnitude and exclusivity.

Parks and Outdoor Activities**

One of Lee’s Summit’s charms is its open spaces. While many parks and recreational spots are free, some specialized activities or events might come with a fee. However, these are often nominal, ensuring residents can enjoy the city’s beauty without a hefty price tag.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Beyond the standard categories, there are other nuances to the cost of living in Lees Summit MO that deserve mention.


Healthcare is an indispensable consideration. From regular check-ups to unforeseen medical needs, residents might spend between $200 to $500 a month. This cost encompasses clinic visits, insurance premiums, and any medications.


Lee’s Summit takes pride in its educational offerings. While public schools are funded by taxes, private institutions or additional educational pursuits can cost between $5,000 to $10,000 annually. It’s an investment in the future, reflecting the city’s emphasis on quality education.

Planning On Moving To Lee’s Summit, MO

If you’re planning on moving to Lee’s Summit, MO, you’re not alone. The city’s growth rate has seen a steady increase, a clear indicator of its allure. The vital aspects of life here, from housing and healthcare to recreation, have been drawing people from different walks of life. With its mix of suburban calm and city-like amenities, Lee’s Summit offers a balanced lifestyle that many find appealing. Additionally, moving to Lee’s Summit, MO offers you the opportunity to be part of a dynamic community that places great emphasis on quality education, cultural diversity, and local business development. In a nutshell, moving to Lee’s Summit, MO can be an excellent choice for both professionals and families looking to enjoy a higher quality of life.

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