How Do I Get The Best Lucian Skins?

How Do I Get The Best Lucian Skins

Those players who have Lucian as their primary character are in luck because there are many skins to pick from once they load the game. With so many skins available, it may be difficult for an ADC main to decide which skins to purchase. Below is a guide to assist players with the Lucian skins.

Hired Gun Lucian

Hired Gun Lucian is a nice skin as the Purifier’s debut skin; all of the other aesthetics just seem to be improved. The skin is among some of the best Lucian skins having a blue and gray color structure, while the strikes and capabilities range from white to orange and golden yellow in the basic style. Furthermore, the audio effects are somewhat muffled when compared to the original skin, and the images are not as clear.

Victorious Lucian

Although this skin cannot be purchased, it should be placed alongside the others as a tribute to the excellence of Lucian’s skins. Victorious provides Lucian with crisper visual and acoustic effects as opposed to the previous entry. The model retains the normal blue and gold concept of the rank-reward skin, while the skills have been redesigned, brightened, and provided Demacian intonations. The skin most closely resembles the original Lucian while still feeling unique.

Demacia Vice Lucian

Vice, Demacia Lucian has not had much success, but it is well-liked by those who like it. The skin has a very colorful color pattern, with dark pink assaults and skills and yellow intonations. Typically, Lucian’s W illuminates the targets he hits. Instead, the Demacia Vice applies an orange effect to the entire model. Finally, during the game’s first minute, this skin performs a rendition of Demacia Rising.

Heartseeker Lucian

By default, it employs a bright pink hue with all features based on the love theme. When Lucian shoots, a heart appears around the firearms, and hearts also replace Culling’s bullets. In addition, as Lucian sprints by his Ardent Blaze, rose petals fall from around him.

Project Lucian

It is the most basic of the three skins; it is the most generic, swift, and natural. This skin has a lively orange theme with metallic audio effects and high-tech graphics. Lucian’s voice is likewise filtered with a metal sound. Project Lucian has the graphical and auditory volume that closely mimics classic Lucian of the subsequent skins. It does not take up extra space nor make more noise; it simply provides Lucian a unique look without requiring players to get accustomed to a new thing.

Pulsefire Lucian

Pulsefire Lucian, on the other hand, layers the most on what Lucian normally possesses. Every step of the skill cast adds sound to whatever the skin does. It might throw some players off and require time to adapt to or be unpopular, whilst others may prefer the extreme shifts. All of Lucian’s skill skins are blue with orange complementary effects. Like in Project, all images and audio effects have been modified to appear metallic and revolutionary.

Pulsefire Lucian Prestige Edition

The Prestige Pulsefire Lucian skin is an upgrade to the normal Pulsefire Lucian skin. As a result, the skin differs in that the tones are switched and made softer. Normally, the primary color is blue with added orange. Instead, the primary hue on this version is gold, with a faint trace of blue as a supplementary.

Arcana Lucian

This skin is inspired by the Tarot deck’s trump card, the Arcana. Lucian and the skills are colored in a vibrant red with golden accents in this outfit. Because of its distinct color scheme, this skin sticks out among the crowd. All of the other skins fall into three categories: white to blue, gold to orange, or pink to orange. While the above colors are emphasized enough to get noticed, Arcana’s do it the most, and its red seems significantly distinct. Arcana Lucian changes the color of all the assaults and skills to a bright red and rearranges all of the spells, as do the previous Epic skins. The effects with that skin are less magical and more mechanical than the default.

High Noon Lucian

High Noon Lucian is the greatest Lucian skin. Even though it was introduced a couple of years ago, Lucian’s iconic skin has withstood the test of time and remains the greatest. High Noon renders Lucian partially overcome by a demon, appearing as a demon during E’s recall. High Noon Lucian gives Lucian a completely fresh voice-over and new VFX, SFX, and animation. With it, all of Lucian’s skills turn orange with a black afterglow to fit the model. The audio effects are darker rather than higher, and while the VFX is not as packed as other alternatives, the skin will still be one of the more difficult to get used to due to the model’s new motions.