How Can White Label e-Signature Help Your Business?

White Label e-Signature Help Your Business

Everyone seems to be going paperless these days. From bank statements to cookbooks, hard copy items have all but faded away and been replaced by digital counterparts. This certainly has its conveniences. Instead of rifling through stacks of papers to find the one you need, all you have to do is conduct a quick search on your computer or phone to bring it to the surface. There’s less risk of losing a critical document or having it stolen, and there’s less clutter tying up valuable space in homes and offices. All the environmental benefits of taking paper out of the equation can’t be overlooked, either. 

Taking The Next Step In Going Paperless

Until fairly recently, one critical juncture still had to be approached from an old-fashioned perspective: document signing. That important step had to be conducted in person or it wasn’t legal. At the same time, signing documents and mailing or faxing them to their recipients wasn’t exactly the most secure option. Though the concept of electronic signatures dates back to the 1970s, they weren’t considered legal or official in the beginning. Today, though, all that has changed. Many companies have incorporated e-signing into their daily practices. If you’re considering following suit, take a closer look at how white label e-signatures help business.

Exploring The Benefits Of Electronic Signatures

No doubt, you’ve probably heard of e-signing at this point. You may have even signed a few documents electronically. Why are businesses converting to this method, though? What does it have to offer over the traditional alternative? E-signing offers a range of benefits for today’s businesses. Eliminating much of the problematic physical paperwork of the past is reason enough to convert to electronic signatures, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. 

Speed And Convenience

Electronic document signing is a much faster process than the conventional route. With physical signatures, you have to fax or mail documents to signers and wait for a response. That means being trapped in a holding pattern until the recipient can get to a fax machine or send the documents back to you via snail mail. Electronic signing allows people to sign documents from anywhere as long as they have a computer or mobile device on hand. The process can be nearly instantaneous. If more than one person needs to sign, the documents can simply be forwarded from one recipient to the next and back to you. 

Heightened Security

White label e-signatures are also far more secure than other methods. Numerous measures are in place to ensure electronic signatures are safe and legitimate. These include encryption, security keys, and third-party authentication. These signatures can’t be forged or tampered with. If anyone tries to change documents after they’ve been signed, the digital paper trail left behind by those security measures will show exactly when and where the fraud occurred. For those who are concerned about the safety of signing documents electronically, there’s no need to worry.

Boosting Your Business With Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures can help businesses in many ways. Greater speed, convenience, and security are some of the most noteworthy, but they’re not the only benefits. They can be an important step in going completely paperless and may help your company save money. Additionally, e-signing can aid in boosting your efficiency and productivity. Keep in mind, though, that not all e-signature platforms are the same. Be sure to find a provider that operates well within current compliance regulations to guarantee your security and that of your clients.