200 Funny Snake Names: Hilarious Names For Your Slithery Friend

Funny Snake Names

Looking to add a touch of humor to your pet snake’s name? Funny snake names have become increasingly popular as pet owners seek unique and entertaining monikers for their slithery friends. In this article, we delve into the world of funny snake names, exploring the reasons behind their popularity and providing inspiration and suggestions for those looking to bring a smile to their reptilian companion. Get ready to embark on a humorous journey filled with puns, pop culture references, and amusing anecdotes.

Cultural And Pop Culture Influences On Snake Names          

Snakes have played significant roles in various cultural narratives, including movies, literature, and mythology. From the iconic serpent in the Garden of Eden to Nagini in the Harry Potter series, these snake characters have left an imprint on popular culture. Snake owners often draw inspiration from these famous reptilian figures and incorporate their names into their pet snakes. Whether it’s Medusa, Kaa, or Jormungandr, these names add a touch of intrigue and familiarity to the snake’s identity.

Wordplay and puns have long been popular method of generating funny and clever snake names. Snakes’ unique physical characteristics, such as their slender bodies and ability to coil, provide ample opportunities for playful and pun-filled naming. Examples include names like “Sir Hiss-ter” or “Coilbert.” These humorous wordplays add an extra layer of amusement and creativity to the snake’s name, delighting both the owner and those who hear it.

Pop culture references provide a treasure trove of inspiration for snake names. Snake owners often pay tribute to their favorite movies, TV shows, books, or music by naming their serpentine companions after beloved characters or iconic moments. A snake named “Slytherin,” referencing the house from the Harry Potter series, or “Monty,” paying homage to Monty Python, adds a dash of fandom and nostalgia to the naming process. These references create a shared connection between the owner, the snake, and those familiar with the source material.

Funny Snake Names

1. Slither Swift 11. Boa-ld and Beautiful 21. Pythoness 31. Slinky Stardust 41. Curly Q
2. Serpentino 12. Sssamurai 22. Viperella 32. Serendipity 42. Scaly McScaleson
3. Sir Hiss-ter 13. Shakesspeare 23. Sir Slinks-a-Lot 33. Sssinatra 43. Hissy Fit
4. Wigglesworth 14. Pythoness 24. Snakira 34. Sir Noodle Von Coils 44. Slitherina
5. Fangtastic 15. Viperella 25. Coils McCoilface 35. Curly Q 45. Wigglywoo
6. Scales of Justice 16. Sir Slinks-a-Lot 26. Scaley McScaleface 36. Scaly McScaleson 46. Captain Scales
7. Monty Python 17. Snakira 27. Sssir Loin 37. Hissy Fit 47. Noodle Noodlekins
8. Hisstory 18. Coils McCoilface 28. Slinky Doodle 38. Slitherina 48. Coil Cosby
9. Hissy Elliot 19. Scaley McScaleface 29. Bitesy Ross 39. Wigglywoo 49. Slitherpuff
10. Rattle McSnakeface 20. Sssamurai 30. Noodle Doodle 40. Captain Scales 50. Slinky W

Girls Funny Snake Names

  1. Miss Hissington
  2. Lady Slitherkins
  3. Princess Python
  4. Sssarah Jessica Parker
  5. Duchess Dangle
  6. Queen Quirkles
  7. Lady Wriggles
  8. Countess Cackle
  9. Madame Coily
  10. Serpentina Diva
  11. Miss Wobbletail
  12. Lady Jiggles
  13. Queen Scales-a-Lot
  14. Princess Snickerdoodle
  15. Lady Wrigglebottom
  16. Duchess Doodlecoil
  17. Miss Sassy Slither
  18. Baroness Boop
  19. Lady Fuzzles
  20. Countess Curly Q
  21. Princess Pompom
  22. Madame Snugglecoil
  23. Queen Serendipity
  24. Lady Twists-a-Lot
  25. Miss Slinky Stardust
  26. Duchess Cuddlecoil
  27. Lady Noodlekins
  28. Baroness Squiggles
  29. Queen Coils-a-Plenty
  30. Princess Wigglywoo

Boy Funny Snake Names

  1. Sir Slithersalot
  2. Captain Fangtastic
  3. Duke Wigglesworth
  4. Lord Hissy Elliot
  5. Count Rattle McSnakeface
  6. Baron Boa-ld
  7. Sir Slinky McScaleface
  8. Prince Sssamurai
  9. Marquis Pythoness
  10. Captain Viperino
  11. Sir Slinks-a-Lot
  12. Count Squigglepants
  13. Baron Twisty McTwisterson
  14. Duke Slithery Potter
  15. Lord Snickerdoodle
  16. Prince Serpentino
  17. Sir Curly Q
  18. Captain Wrigglebottom
  19. Duke Snickerdoodle
  20. Lord Slitherpuff

Unique Funny Snake Names

  1. Noodlezilla
  2. Mr. Boop Snoot
  3. Wrigglekins
  4. Slinkybutt
  5. Sir Slithersaurus
  6. Quirky Coils
  7. Snakey McSnakeface
  8. Slitherlicious
  9. Snugglepuff
  10. Hissopotamus
  11. Sssir Wigglepants
  12. Snakety McJokes
  13. Serpentine Shenanigans
  14. Chuckles the Python
  15. Scales McGiggles
  16. Bouncy Bites
  17. Wobble Wriggles
  18. Slytherin Skywalker
  19. Sssmooth Operator
  20. Wigglewaggle
  21. Slapstick Slither
  22. Hiss-terical
  23. Slippery Sir Laughs-a-Lot
  24. Curlycue
  25. Slitherhoop
  26. Sssnicker Snack
  27. Slinky Dink
  28. Chucklecoil
  29. Wrangle Wrinkles
  30. Mischief Maker
  31. Serpent of Silliness
  32. Jolly Jiggles
  33. Gigglesnake
  34. Slip-n-Slide
  35. Sssnakey Sssurprise
  36. Ticklecoil
  37. Rib-tickler
  38. Serpentine Rascal
  39. Belly Laughs
  40. Twisty McFunny
  41. Chucklescales
  42. Snickercoil
  43. Ssslinky Chucklekins
  44. Silly Slapshot
  45. Wacky Wiggler
  46. Slithering Comedian
  47. Rambunctious Reptile
  48. Funnybones
  49. Chucklefang
  50. Wrigglygig

Famous Funny Snake Names

  1. Nagini (Harry Potter series)
  2. Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  3. Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)
  4. Rango (Rango)
  5. Hissy (The Aristocats)
  6. Monty (Monty Python)
  7. Medusa (Greek mythology)
  8. Jake (Adventure Time)
  9. Serpentor (G.I. Joe)
  10. Anaconda Malt Liquor (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle)
  11. King Snake (DC Comics)
  12. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  13. Slippy Toad (Star Fox)
  14. Slithers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  15. Serpentor (G.I. Joe)
  16. Basilisk (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
  17. Jormungandr (Norse mythology)
  18. Kaos (Skylanders)
  19. Serpentera (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  20. Lizzie (Rampage)
  21. Orochimaru (Naruto)
  22. Slither (Marvel Comics)
  23. Snake Plissken (Escape from New York)
  24. Snake Jailbird (The Simpsons)
  25. Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
  26. Plisskin (Metalocalypse)
  27. Ssssalacious Crumb (Star Wars)
  28. Rattlesnake Jake (Rango)
  29. Sneasel (Pokémon)
  30. Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe)
  31. King Cobra (Wrestling persona of Jake Roberts)
  32. Slithraa (LEGO Ninjago)
  33. Nag (The Hobbit)
  34. Sidewinder (Marvel Comics)
  35. Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)
  36. Rattler (G.I. Joe)
  37. Scaly Pete (Maneater video game)
  38. Sam Slithers (Rocket Power)
  39. Viper (Kung Fu Panda)
  40. Kaecilius (Doctor Strange)
  41. Serpentina (Monster High)
  42. Acid Snake (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)
  43. Serpent King (Skullgirls)
  44. Slithersong (How to Train Your Dragon)
  45. Serpentine (LEGO Ninjago)
  46. Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper video game series)
  47. Serpentor (Transformers)
  48. Sludge (Transformers)
  49. Hiss (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power)
  50. Coburn (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Tips For Snake Care And Maintenance

Provide a suitable habitat: Create a secure and appropriately sized enclosure with proper heating, lighting, and ventilation to ensure your snake’s comfort and well-being.

Maintain consistent temperatures: Snakes are ectothermic, meaning they rely on external heat sources to regulate their body temperature. Ensure that your snake’s habitat includes a temperature gradient with a warm side and a cooler side to allow for thermoregulation.

Offer a hiding spot: Snakes require hiding places to feel secure. Include at least one snug hiding spot in their enclosure, such as a cave or a log, where they can retreat when they want privacy.

Feed an appropriate diet: Research the dietary needs of your specific snake species and feed them a well-balanced diet. Most snakes consume rodents, while others may require other prey items such as insects or fish.

Follow a feeding schedule: Establish a feeding schedule suitable for your snake’s age and species. Juvenile snakes typically require more frequent feedings than adults. Monitor their feeding habits and adjust accordingly.

Provide clean water: Ensure your snake has access to fresh, clean water at all times. Use a shallow, sturdy dish that the snake can easily access and soak in if desired.

Handle with care: When handling your snake, be gentle and avoid sudden movements or squeezing. Support their body properly and be mindful of their comfort and stress levels. Wash your hands before and after handling to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Regular cleaning: Clean the snake’s enclosure regularly, removing waste and replacing substrate or bedding as needed. Maintain good hygiene to prevent the buildup of bacteria or parasites.

Monitor health and behavior: Observe your snake regularly to spot any signs of illness or abnormal behavior. Look for changes in appetite, activity levels, or appearance. If you notice anything concerning, consult a reptile veterinarian.

Seek professional veterinary care: Find a qualified reptile veterinarian who specializes in snake care. Schedule regular check-ups to ensure your snake’s health and receive guidance on any specific care requirements for your snake’s species.

Remember, snake care and maintenance vary depending on the species, so it’s crucial to research and understands the specific needs of your snake to provide them with optimal care.


In conclusion, caring for a snake requires attention to its unique needs and a commitment to its well-being. By providing suitable habitat, proper nutrition, and regular veterinary care, you can ensure your snake thrives in your care. Remember to handle them gently and observe their health and behavior closely. With responsible care and maintenance, you can enjoy the companionship of your funny-named snake while fostering a healthy and enriching environment for them to slither happily.