15 Fun And Unique Corporate Event Ideas For 2024

15 Fun And Unique Corporate Event Ideas For 2024

Whether you are planning a company event to build your team, host a holiday party, or host a virtual event, we have 15 fun and unique corporate event ideas for 2024 that your employees will enjoy. Our ideas include team-building activities, virtual gift exchanges, murder mysteries, and more. 

Organizing company events has proven to be an effective method of encouraging employees to think outside the box and adopt creativity. Companies are constantly seeking ways to encourage employees to think outside the box. Through these events, employees can collaborate, come together, and unleash their creativity in a collaborative environment.

Your employees will undoubtedly be left with a lasting impression when they learn about these creative corporate party planning ideas and this will undoubtedly save you money when you plan your next corporate event.

Host A Workshop To Learn & Grow

It is a good idea to host a professional development workshop to ensure your employees are engaged in their work and to ensure their learning is continuous. Being able to participate in a professional development workshop will allow your employees to expand their knowledge and skills while also having fun.

Escape Room For Team Building

The escape room is a great activity to engage your team members no matter whether you set it up at your event venue or take them off-site to a location that fosters collaboration, thinking, and problem-solving skills. It is even possible to customize the theme of the escape room to match the interests of your employees or business, which will result in a more engaging and personalized experience for them.

Play A Murder Mystery Altogether 

Playing murder mystery games is always fun and exciting, especially when you have a bunch of people around. The gaming series is a perfect blend of entertainment plus improving creative problem skills. While playing murder mystery theme games, people will engage themselves in a sort of activity, such as thinking ability to solve the mystery, trusting each other’s decisions, and improving problem-solving skills. 

Comedy Show – Bring More Laughter

It is well known that laughter is one of the best medicines, so it is a good idea to request a comedy show to entertain your group at your next company function. There are many options to follow like considering hiring a comedian who can cater to the tastes and preferences of your attendees and ensure a relaxed atmosphere for all participants.

Printing Photo Booth For Fun & Creating Memories

The goal of a company event is to create fun and nostalgia, and a photo booth is just what it takes. Set up photo booths with props and backdrops throughout the event space. Make it fun for attendees to take pics together and share them with their colleagues on social media using the event hashtag.

Sharing Holiday Goodie Gifts

 It’s important to show appreciation during the holiday season to your employees. Give them holiday gift bags at your company event as a way to show them how much you care. There are a bunch of items you can put in these gift bags, from company swag to gift cards to personalized notes.

Karaoke Night – Holiday Special 

Having a holiday karaoke night is a fun way to break up traditional corporate activities. Put together a playlist of popular holiday songs and encourage everyone to take part. Employees will get to show off their singing skills, let loose, and enjoy the festive spirit.

Gift Exchange Moment – Santa Secret 

It also helps to create a festive atmosphere around the workplace, which is important to foster a sense of collaboration and morale. Also, it allows employees to show their appreciation for each other’s hard work and dedication.

A Baking Content Between Colleagues 

Bring your employees’ favorite holiday treats to your company event and compete for the top baker title. Get your employees in on the fun with a friendly baking contest. You can set up a panel to judge the baked goods, including employees and outside experts.

Costume Party – A Perfect Holiday Gathering 

A Christmas or Halloween corporate event with this theme can bring out lots of laughter and fun, so make sure to use it as a fundraiser or auction. Just ask everyone to wear their ugliest sweaters, costumes, or sweaters you’d like to auction off.

Roll The Dice – Casino Night 

You can transform your event space into a casino for an entertaining and memorable company event. Enjoy blackjack, roulette, and other casino games with your employees. The excitement and camaraderie of a casino night add excitement to any business event, whether it’s for charity or real prizes.

Hold A live Music Concert

If you want to make your company event more exciting and memorable, consider hiring a live band or singer to perform at your event. This will help you create a fun and energetic environment for both your employees and your clients.

Play Virtual Reality Games

Give attendees immersive and interactive experiences at your company event by incorporating virtual and augmented reality experiences. Rather than just passively listening to presentations, these technologies let participants interact with content.

Fish For Your Food

Set up a swimming pool filled with ornamental balls containing the dishes that the guest or employee will be eating for dinner. Provide the guests with a fishing pole so they can fish out the dishes.

Roaring Twenties

Create a party that evokes the Great Gatsby era with jazz music, flapper dresses, and vintage decor. Your employees and peers will look forward to attending this unique corporate event activity, which will certainly catch the attention of many people.


Hosting a company corporate event isn’t a normal thing. You must have to be ready to arrange everything more precisely. You have to consider the purpose of the event, the budget, the venue, and the activities. You also have to plan the food, beverages, transportation, and entertainment. So, don’t forget to look up to the above ideas to make your event worth having for your guests.