4 Facts Every Player Should Know About Black Desert Mobile

4 Facts Every Player Should Know About Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss chose to take Black Desert Mobile Global after experiencing tremendous success in other areas – already in 2019, people were happy to see the game’s release. Today, we’re going to share with you 5 things every gamer needs to know about Black Desert Mobile. So let’s not waste time, and get to the point together!

1. It’s A Mobile Version Of The Well-Known PC And Console MMO Game

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game developer Pearl Abyss is well-known for his hit title Black Desert. One of my preferred action MMO games from the past ten years is Black Desert, which was first released in 2014. PvP is the game’s primary purpose (Player vs. Player). PvP, Node Wars, and Conquest Wars are primarily the focus of the endgame. However, there are a ton of additional features in the game to keep you occupied. Numerous options exist for life skills, as well as a housing/manor system.

2. Auto-Play Is Available On The Mobile Version

This is a major issue for many people, so we want to highlight it right immediately. Auto-play and auto-combat are included in the game. The game’s violent action fighting is one of its main selling points on PC and consoles. Because of the touchscreen controls and the platform’s casual reputation, the mobile version had to be modified.

3. Microtransactions Are Offered On Black Desert Mobile

We didn’t find the game to be P2W in our experience with the PC and PS4 versions. The game’s cash shop on the PC and console versions offers largely quality-of-life and cosmetic items, while there are some advantages to be discovered there. Even though the offerings on the mobile version are different, the microtransactions still feel reasonable.

4. There Are Significant Variations Between It And The Game’s PC/Console Version

The main game and the smartphone version are very different. How similar the mobile version is to the PC and console versions astonished us. Here are some of its most admired characteristics: the mobile version still offers extensive character customization, stunning graphics, and an almost excessive amount of gameplay. The majority of the life skills have been modified with fresh mini-games or even entirely new versions. In the new Shakatu’s Shop, quests now drop coins that can be exchanged for items. The annoying gear improvement mechanism has, thankfully, been streamlined and, in our opinion, improved.

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