7 Factors To Consider While Selecting An Affiliate Program

7 Factors To Consider While Selecting An Affiliate Program

Are you an affiliate marketer? Or are you considering becoming one? If so, be careful when selecting a merchant to partner with. Why? Picking a bad program means you’ll waste time and effort. It’s hard to make a substantial income on an unfavorable playing field. Therefore, as an affiliate, you should spend time comparing various programs before making a decision.

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program

Finding the perfect affiliate program is essential if you want to profit from it. With the right program, you can make more sales, thus earning a higher commission. On the other hand, choosing the wrong affiliate program results in low commission, a meager conversion rate, as well as wasted effort and time. So, what do you look for? Read on to find out.


Ensure you check out the reputation of an affiliate program before doing anything else. You should go for a program with good standing and run from bad ones. But how do you determine if a program is worth partnering with? Start by searching online.

Technically, affiliate marketing happens on the web. So, anybody who is dissatisfied with a particular program is more than likely to share grievances online. The unfortunate thing is you will not find results on the first page. So, ensure you do thorough research. Search for blogs offering unsponsored reviews since they usually share honest and unbiased opinions.

Also, stay away from programs that ask you to make a downpayment. Other programs you need to avoid are those offering a lot of freebies and incentives to attract people.

Commission Rate

Commission rate is another critical factor you should consider when shopping for an affiliate program. Every affiliate program has its set rate. The higher it is, the better, since it means more money. Also, the program you select should have a high conversion rate. Why? A program might have low rates but can bring in more money if there are more sales. So, pick the program wisely.

Frequency of Payment

How often does an affiliate pay? The best way to find out is by reading the payout policy. Many programs pay affiliates at long-term intervals, such as semiannually or quarterly. It would help if you avoided them since they may experience cash shortages. A reliable affiliate program shouldn’t try to make more profit from its affiliate’s earnings.

Furthermore, your program shouldn’t have a long withdrawal process. Instead, it should have a benchmark amount of $100. Immediately after your account balance reaches that amount, you should receive your money. Most reputable companies, such as YouTube and Amazon, use this technique. Alternatively, a merchant can pay biweekly or monthly. So, select one with a reasonable payment frequency.

Product Selection

The type of products available in an affiliate program matter as well. For instance, if your site or blog is related to traveling, you should choose a program with items pertaining to car rentals, hotels, hiking, or camping. In other words, don’t select a program if it has nothing related to your niche. In addition, go for an affiliate program with items in demand throughout the year.

Cookie Life

The cookie life is also called the referral period. It is the duration within which a company compensates an affiliate marketer for referring customers to their site. Assuming you select an affiliate program with a referral period of 24 hours. If a customer visits their site through your link and purchases something past 25 hours, you won’t earn a commission on their sale. Therefore, cookie life is essential to take into account when selecting a program.


Is the affiliate program approachable? You can test this by sending a random question to the provider. Watch the team’s attitude when they answer and the time they take to reply. Even though this might appear insignificant, a professional company should always be available to address your concerns. It’s always best to partner with a friendly and dedicated company to avoid disappointments.

Payment Methods

How will you receive your payment? Considering how you’ll receive your compensation once you have earned commission is essential. Choose an affiliate program offering payment options that are convenient for you. Also, check whether the program has some hidden charges that might reduce your overall earnings. Does it impose a fee for releasing money? Or does it charge any money when you request a statement? Such costs might seem unimportant when signing up, but they can quickly add up and eat into your profit.


You should consider the abovementioned things when shopping for a reliable affiliate program. Research and compare different programs to see which one suits you better. Doing affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make passive income. So, consider starting your venture today. You can begin by checking out articles about the best app affiliate programs!