Exciting Online Teaching With Technologies On Your Side

Exciting Online Teaching With Technologies On Your Side

Technologies for education that will help you teach online effectively. Tips, tricks, useful software, and apps to make e-learning interesting for your students.

How To Make Learning Fun And Use Technologies For Online Teaching

Every educator wants to know how to teach effectively and help students to actually remember the knowledge they’re sharing.

If you are a great teacher already, but you just need some help with organizing the process, we’re here for you. 

Today in this article, we will look at tips that will make the e-learning process exciting for your students. In the second part, we will choose the best apps for online learning that are both educational and enjoyable.

Let’s Make Learning Fun: Four Best E-learning Tips

Of course, we have many more tips to make the e-learning process productive and interesting, but these five are always at the top of our list, so today, we will be sharing them with you.

 1. Make the process easy and smooth

If you have an e-learning platform, online learning software, or a website, make sure that it is really intuitive and easy to use. This is your main tool, the place where all exchange of knowledge will take place, so it should be easy to access.

Also, use everything you can for data protection on your website because your students must be sure that their information is under absolute security with you.

2.  Use short modules and set reasonable goals

Did you know that when a person reaches a goal, their brain produces the hormone dopamine that makes us feel glad and happy? Yes, our brains appreciate meeting goals and happy endings, so you, as an educator, can use that in the learning process.

Set reasonable and interesting goals for your students, and encourage the result with extra credits or free lessons. It will make students really involved in the learning process, and they, or rather, their brains, will ask for more. Also, make sure that students can see their goals on their profiles because one picture is worth thousands of words even here.

Another part of this tip is to not make really long modules. Most of us become bored by long topics pretty fast, so if you want to keep your students engaged in studying, keep the modules short. 

3. Appreciate creativity

Online education<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> is a novel concept in our world, but it has many advantages compared to classic systems. First of all, you can create an atmosphere of critical thinking and creativity in your class.

Students will feel more free and independent, and you will be pleasantly surprised how many unorthodox and progressive thoughts and ideas they can provide if they have a chance.

For example, you can allow them to choose the next lesson’s topic, give their home assignment an unpredictable spin, or create a questionnaire to quiz each other.

4. Make the learning process interactive

The learning process should be a fun and exciting journey for your students. Many of us have a really short attention span, so when you see only dull lectures day after day, it’s now not online learning, but online boring.

As an educator, you can add to your lessons educational videos, multimedia presentations, and podcasts. YouTube has tons of great content, so it will be fairly easy for you to find good videos and make learning a little bit more bright.

Best Apps For Teaching And Learning

Now we will look at our favorite apps for distance learning. Frankly, there are so many great apps that it would take a week for us to tell you about all of them, so we will focus on the best teaching tools we have used for years, and they are only getting better. So, let’s go!

Time management apps

Even the best of us cannot remember everything. Time management apps are the answer for everybody who failed a class because of forgetfulness and inattentiveness. Now you have a spare brain to remember everything!

First of all, we recommend Calendly, a great app that allows you to create meetings, a perfect solution for group projects. Another favorite is Focus Keeper, an excellent tool for chronic procrastinators: you will finally be focused.

Cloud storages

In the process of mastering any knowledge, you stockpile dozens of files, educational videos, and materials. Especially if you use a screen recorder to record every single lecture or learning session, as we do.

So what should you do with this huge amount of information? You can, of course, keep all the files on your computer, but it is much easier to create an account in cloud storage and have a separate place for your learning materials.

This way, you can organize your files and create a simple library with easy access in Dropbox or on Google Drive.

Fun educational apps

Let’s get down to our favorite part: apps that make education fun and interactive. The creative approach of these apps will help your students to distract from monotonous cramming and make something enjoyable.

For languages, we prefer the famous Duolingo, a great app for learning German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and many other languages in an entertaining form. It also has a separate tool for a teacher, and you can interact with your students on another level with this app.

Kahoot is another genius app that allows you to create a learning game or quiz and then share it with students. It makes tests much more interesting, and we guarantee you that these quizzes will be a hit in your online class.

The last one is Khan Academy. This is an all-in-one app that has both serious and fun content for education. Thousands of hours of videos, interactive games, and articles to help you and your students with various topics. From math for little kids to macroeconomics: you can find everything there.

In addition, you can keep track of the learning process on Khan Academy’s official website so it will be easier for you and your students to set and reach goals.


Did you learn something today? That was the goal of this article, and you’ve reached it! I bet that feels good.

Teaching is a calling, and if you are brave enough to become an educator, be even more courageous and make the learning process exciting. Trust technologies for e-learning and be prepared for an absolutely bomb teaching experience.