Do Steam Cleaners Work On Car Upholstery?

Do Steam Cleaners Work On Car Upholstery

Even with closed doors, a car interior can get dirty pretty quickly and often. There may be stains, soil, trash, and other sources of dirt. Sometimes bugs and ants can also take up space inside the car. 

To get completely rid of the dirty interior, vacuuming alone may not work. So, you may be wondering how to get rid of ants, soil, and dirt in the car. A solution for deep cleaning the interior is steam cleaners. However, people have confused about whether steam cleaning works for car upholstery. If you are facing this dilemma too, keep reading to know more about it.

Can You Steam Car Upholstery?

Most of the time, you can clean your car’s upholstery without risk of damage. Most automobile materials and upholstery are steam cleanable. Nylon, polyester, and vinyl are popular materials for car seats and other interior components. If your vehicle’s inside is made of leather, you must consult the manufacturer or the care guidance section of the owner’s manual.

Your car seats may be made from faux leather or the original one. Faux leather is a better tolerant of steam, as it is made from a type of plastic. So, you can steam clean it. For original leather, don’t use the steam too often. Make sure to check the instruction manual and ask the seller about it, as the original leather may get damaged with overexposure to steam.

How To Use Steam Cleaning For Car Interior?

Here are the steps you can take to carefully steam clean your car.

  • Steam can harm unprotected skin and eyes. Wear thick glasses and gloves to protect yourself from the heat of steam. Clean with steam.
  • Vacuum the inside of the automobile. Remove any solid waste and vacuum the corners and the base. Steam might melt abandoned rubbish into your vehicle.
  • Only if there are stains or defects does the car need to be preconditioned. You can clean them with whatever you like. Shampoo or detergent can be used to remove stains.
  • Begin steam cleaning. Perhaps 30 seconds. While cleaning the steamer, begin at the front or back. Use the steamer on all upholstery, but avoid using it on metal auto parts.
  • Stains can be removed with a gentle brush. Finish with a microfiber or washcloth.
  • Allow the car to dry overnight with the doors open. Leather conditioner polishes the seats.


Steam cleaning can deeply clean off the car upholstery. It doesn’t replace the vacuum but ensures that the luster of your car seats remains intact. You can get a steam cleaner for yourself or rent one. Make sure to choose a sunny day for steam cleaning, as you have to let the car sit out for drying.