Car Accident Lawyers: 5 Ways They Are Worth Every Penny

Car Accident Lawyers

Shasta County, California, reports various traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities throughout the year. According to Redding police data, about 6,000 traffic accidents were reported between 2007 and 2019. That’s an average of 600 accidents per year. That’s a huge number for a city of just 90,000 people.

However, the city experiences a significant number of visitors, including heavy trucks from Mexico and Canada. That said, traffic accidents can be extremely serious. 65% of people involved in Redding traffic accidents between 2007 and 2009 suffered non-visible injuries, 29% suffered moderate injuries, and 2% were left dead.

If you or a friend have been involved in a traffic accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer to learn your legal options. An experienced team at a reputable law firm will be ready to take on your claim or case. Schedule a free case evaluation today to learn more from these car accident lawyers.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Benefit Your Case

Working with an attorney after a car accident is beneficial. And not just any attorney but an experienced car accident lawyer. These are experts trained in the tort laws surrounding traffic accidents. They assess your case and provide various services, including:

Determining the claim amount

After a car accident, the insurers of the driver at fault will use their investigators and adjusters to handle your case. If they see you don’t have a lawyer, they may try to get you to accept a settlement offer quickly without knowing how the accident will affect your life in the future. Car accidents have various hidden costs, including long-term care and medical expenses, car repair costs, car hire costs, car towing costs, etc.

An experienced car accident attorney can help you figure out these costs and ensure the settlement offer is sufficient to cover them. They will look at your case and inform you of the potential medical expenses to expect in the future. They will also work with experts to determine compensation for lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering.

Collecting evidence

Every lawyer knows that evidence wins cases and claims. Evidence in a car accident claim may include police reports, traffic citations issued against the driver, your medical records, and third-party and expert witnesses. You should always try to collect evidence after a car accident. These include scene photos showing damage, witness statements, and contact details.

Your lawyer will use this evidence, plus your medical reports and the testimony of experts, to present a strong case. When looking at different car accident lawyers, ask if they have investigators and how they plan to handle your case so you can determine if they are the right firm for the job.

Negotiating with insurers

As mentioned, insurance companies are designed to make money. They may employ various tactics to reduce your claim amount or deny it, especially if they see you don’t have legal representation. It’s always best to let an experienced attorney handle negotiations with insurers. They can present substantial evidence to generate cooperation from the other side.


Rarely do car accident cases head to court. Most insurers usually agree to play ball once you’ve retained an experienced attorney and mounted indisputable evidence. However, sometimes negotiations fail, and your only option is to seek litigation. Your lawyer can help you file the case paperwork correctly and on time.

California has a 2-year statute of limitations on car accident claims, so filing the case in time is essential. They will also present and argue the case, cross-examine witnesses, and present expert testimony to support your claim. However, court cases are risky. They take time and money. Most attorneys try to get insurers to settle and only go to court after exhausting all options.

Emotional support

Apart from helping with negotiations and litigation, car accident attorneys may also provide emotional support and guidance. Pursuing justice and compensation while recovering from related injuries can be stressful. Negotiations can drag on, and court cases take time.

An experienced attorney will prioritize your healing and health throughout this process. They have experience with car accident victims and may be able to direct you to the resources and support teams to help you recover.