Canada Versus Sweden: A Comparison

Canada Versus Sweden

Comparing Sweden and Canada helps to identify the notable amount of similarities and differences found in both countries. Their differences are enormous since they are both located in different continents of the world. Sweden is located in the Northern part of Europe, while Canada situates in North America. Their differences are of high value compared to their similarities though they are both countries of the north part of the world.

A comparison involving Canada vs. Sweden

In comparing Canada vs. Sweden, elements like the language, climate, vegetation, industries found in both countries respectively gives you a better view of Canada and Sweden. Sweden is a small country when compared with Canada. Its cities abound with forests and big mountains, which play a significant role in affecting the build-up of the country. Canada is enormous and considered to be among the biggest countries in the world. It is very populated and experiences more rainfall than Sweden.

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Sweden is in Northern Europe and lies between Finland and Norway, while Canada is in North America, but it situates at the top of the map, it lies between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

The location of Sweden and Canada influences many aspects of the country. Things like the predominant weather, culture, dressing, language, country size, etc. are affected mainly.

Cities And Capital

Canada consists of cities that are bigger than cities in Sweden, which is a result of both countries’ size. Canada is up to five times bigger than Sweden in format. The capital of Canada is Ottawa city, and the biggest city in Canada is Toronto. It has a population of up to 4,612,190 people. The biggest city in Sweden situates in the country’s capital, “Stockholm.” Stockholm comprises a population of up to 1,253,310 people, with the majority being women.


Sweden naturally blossoms with mountains and forests. The country comprises of about 101,000 lakes which are mostly connected by lots of rivers. The hills in Sweden are much and but vary in size depending on the city. Some cities have smaller mountains; they are mainly the towns located at the center of the country.

Canada, on the other hand, is way bigger than Sweden and has lots of forests. Research has shown that the size of Canada is the primary reason why it has many forests and rivers. Unlike Sweden, that naturally abounds with mountains, Canada has more forests than mountains and experience more rainfall due to its location between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.

Significant Differences Between Canada And Sweden

The differences between both countries are seen even in the smallest day to day activities. From the way, they dress to their method of transportation style, and fee also shares in the contrast. Some significant differences shared by Canada and Sweden are discussed below for your enlightenment.

Mode Of Dressing

There are significant differences in the style of cloth regularly worn by citizens of each country.

You are likely to see people putting on thick clothes, hoods, and sweaters in Canada than in Sweden.

Size Of Country

Canada is a more prominent country than Sweden. Canada has a size capacity of 9,984,670 Km², while Sweden is 450,295 Km² in size. With a scale such as these, Canada rates the highest among the largest countries in the world.

Meanwhile, the size of Sweden likens to the size of a city in Canada. People hold the view that Canada’s enormous size is a result of its location on the continent.


Sweden has fewer people than in CanadaGiven the fact that Canada is way bigger than Sweden, people expect that the population rate between both countries will be different. As of 2018, Canada’s population estimates to be around 36,994,000, while Sweden’s population was estimated to be 10,230,185.

The number of emigrants in each country is also different. Canada records a total of 1,323,087 emigrants, while Sweden records 353,825 emigrants.

Immigrants add up to make a small part of both countries’ populations. Canada holds a large number of immigrants between both countries, having a total of 7,960,657 immigrants, while Sweden has a total of 2,005,210 immigrants.

Climate Condition

The climate condition in Canada is often dreary and cold. The Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean heavily influence its weather conditions. The reasons are that Canada situates in the middle of both seas. But, geographically, it states that Canada experiences different climate conditions depending on the part of the country you find yourself.

Some parts of Canada, like the United S border, is mostly sunny and warm during autumn or summer. But places like Nunavut experience colder and are likely to be freezing even in summer.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s climate condition is usually warm. The Bothnia Gulf dramatically influences it. Research has shown that if not for the gulf, Sweden would have been experiencing more cold weather like Norway (which is at the far north).

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Sweden is cheaper than in Canada. From hotel bills, house rents, grocery stores, entertainment shows, and cinema tickets, etc. The average amount of an essential meal with a drink in a hotel in Sweden will cost you $9.5, while in Canada, it will cost you $11.46. Buying combo meals from fast food and restaurants like McDonald’s will cost $7.80 in Sweden, while it cost $7.32 in Canada.

Grocery shopping for things like local cheese costs $4.26 in Sweden, while in Canada, it cost $4.45. A liter of milk costs an average of $1.10 in Sweden, while it cost $1.79 in Canada.

House bills are also cheaper in Sweden than in Canada. You will get a bedroom apartment in Sweden for an average of $484.41, while in Canada, bedroom apartments let out for nothing less than $706.96. Internet connection goes for $29.98 in Sweden and $55.51 in Canada.

Similarities Between Canada And Sweden

The similarities between both countries are not that much. Sweden and Canada lack similarity in

essential things like culture, language, food type, climate condition, etc. It means that the people living in both countries are subject to having lots of different experiences.

You can easily travel from Canada to Sweden if you desire to have a different feel and treatment from your everyday experience in Canada. Some similarities found between both countries that will be in the discussion below spans from minor things like vegetation, quality of a house, cafe culture, etc.

Vegetation And Trees

There are lots of forests and trees in both Canada and Sweden. It is one of the significant similarities between both countries. Canada is a vast country graced with forest lands and trees. The same thing applies to Sweden, and the forests are easily spotted.

The Freshness Of The Air

Citizens of both countries are known for commenting on fresh air. It is a result of the enormous forest and trees found in Sweden and Canada. The atmosphere in both countries is clean almost at all times.

It can also be an influence as a result of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean found at the borders of Canada. Meanwhile, the Norwegian and Baltic sea that cross the cities of Sweden also contributes to the breath of fresh air mostly experienced by citizens.

Recreational Centers

The government of both countries has enormous value for recreation. And so recreational centers are found in almost every city to sponsor relaxation and comfort. Canada is in the middle of the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, and thus it is filled with recreational centers to accommodate travelers and tourists.

Liquor Stores

Though the two countries have diversity in the predominant weather experienced yearly, they both share a similarity in the idea of liquor stores. In Sweden, the government forbids the

sale of alcohol in grocery stores.

Instead, alcohol stores are separate from a regular grocery store, and the government mostly owns them. It is also the case in Canada. Alcohol stores are different from grocery stores, but the government does not mostly own the stores.

Atmospheric Seasons

The two countries situate in the north of each continent where they found, and it makes the climatic seasons to be similar yearly. Sweden experiences thick darkness in the night time during winter, which is the same experience in Canada. Canada experiences light evenings during summer, which is similar to the atmosphere in Sweden.

Quality Of The Houses

Research has shown that the state of homes in Canada is of good quality. They are better than old

brick houses and built to hinder cold from damping. It is a similar case to the homes in Sweden. The apartments in Sweden are of good quality, too; the temperature of the houses is moderate. It is regulated to suit even an asthmatic patient.


The comparison of Canada vs. Sweden is a vague task. From the location of both countries, it is challenging to locate many similarities. The differences between both countries are enormous and sponsors different experiences. Someone living in Sweden is having a different daily experience from a person living in Canada.