The 5 Best Cities to Visit in Australia (That Are Not Sydney or Melbourne)


Planning a trip to Australia but want to avoid cliché tourist spots?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a guide to help you pick your choice of the best city to visit in Australia.

Aside from Sidney and Melbourne, Australia has wonderful places to offer. Instead of sticking to the main touristy spots in Australia, why not explore some lesser-known, but just-as-beautiful cities?

Read on to learn more about our favorite cities in Australia worthy of a vacation.

Visit Sunny Perth

Perth is a beautiful, sparkling city flanked by coastlines and sun glistening off of its waters. Famous for the Swan River with its sapphire-blue stream, Perth includes attractions like beaches, entertainment, and fine dining. 

Complete with state-of-the-art experiences and the Boola Bardip Museum, Perth is a wonderful place and is one of the most visited cities in Australia.

Cruise in Cairns

Once a sleepy town, Cairns has renovated itself from a hiking attraction to a must-see city. While extremely hot, Cairns makes up for it by offering its two famous sights: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. 

The best of Australia, Cairns offers lovely accommodation to stay at. Plan a trip to Cairns to see the boardwalk, aquarium, and waterfalls. Hiking and picnicking your way through Cairns is guaranteed to give you the full Australian experience.

Shop in Brisbane

Known as the River City, Brisbane is home to waters and warm weather. With its sophisticated restaurants and high-class shopping centers, this city is perfect for shoppers and water-lovers.

If you’re an art connoisseur, Brisbane’s Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art are both must-see museums. Enjoy Brisbane and all it has to offer.

Eat and Explore in Adelaide

Known for its colorful street art and tasty street food, Adelaide is one of the best cities to visit in Australia.

Wildlife tours, sparkling beaches, vineyards, and bars make this city a hub for people both young and old. Grab a drink and walk the beaches or put on your best explorer hat and join a wildlife tour.

One of the best beach cities in Australia, Adelaide is a special place to see.

History in Hobart

The Tasmanian capital, Hobart City is known for its waterfront views and exceptional seafood. With its sweeping history and glorious hotels, Hobart is a city made for foodies who want relaxation and history.

Hobart is also one of the only cities that you can see the Aurora Australis and the Southern Lights, which makes Hobart one of the best cities to visit in Australia.

You Decide the Best City to Visit in Australia

When it comes to planning a vacation in Australia, the options are endless. These five cities are several of the best to see, offering different attractions and specialties.

Out of these glorious few, you get to decide which is the best city to visit in Australia. Take a crack at a hike in Cairns, see the Lights in Hobart, or swim in Adelaide.

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