As A Passenger, How Can I Prove Liability For My Injuries After An Airport Shuttle Accident?

As A Passenger, How Can I Prove Liability For My Injuries After An Airport Shuttle Accident

If you travel frequently, or consider yourself an environmentalist, or maybe just prefer the quickest methods of getting place to place, you are probably no stranger to taking the bus. However, have you ever thought about the logistics of what might happen if that bus you are riding gets into an accident?

Riding a shuttle bus most often takes place from your car to the airport. Airports are known for their heavy traffic, going in and out. So, it’s no wonder that reported bus accidents are higher in those areas as well. When you get in a bus accident, who is liable? What if you’re injured? These questions are important to ask if you’re a frequent shuttle cruiser.

Shuttle Bus Accidents Are Different Than Car Accidents

First things first, it is important to keep in mind that bus accidents are different from car accidents. You should not be liable for someone else’s mistake, especially if you’re injured. Shuttle buses can have $5 million+ in insurance for this very reason. If you’re going to file a claim, it is important to keep that in mind, and remember that this is not your fault for simply being a passenger.

How Is Liability Proven?

According to the bus accident lawyers at Salamati Law in Los Angeles, CA, there are a several important factors to consider before you go to file your shuttle accident claim. Mainly, you have to determine what circumstances led to the accident. Was it the shuttle bus driver’s fault? Or was it another driver’s fault?

Think about care. You are owed a certain level of care when you enter a bus, driven by someone else, operated by an overarching company. You are putting your trust in their hands, and deserve to arrive at your destination safely and securely.

When looking at the circumstances of the bus accident, go over what exactly caused it and how it happened. No matter what, there was a breach in your care. Either the bus was broken, the driver was negligent, or someone else was involved. You are not liable. If you’re injured that kicks things up a notch from there as well.

You can file a personal injury lawsuit if the driver of the bus is completely at fault. Meaning if the driver was experiencing fatigue, distracted or drunk driving, etc. Again remember, this is not your fault, and you deserve to be compensated fairly.

What Is Fair Compensation?

In the worst cases, you could be severely injured in a bus accident causing hospitalization. Of course, you deserve to be fairly compensated for that! Your hospital wages should be covered, if you are a part of a low income household, that also could make you eligible for more compensation. All of these are things to consider when filing a claim, especially with personal injuries.

So, who is liable for your injuries in a bus accident? The bus company, or the driver if they did something that specifically causes the accident. Many different law firms are here to assist you with filing a claim from a bus accident, and several offer free consultations. Make sure to check in your area for these law firms, as you deserve fair representation.