Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-trike Review: Comfort Meets Power

Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-trike Review

In the realm of e-transportation, the Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent e-trike emerges as an unmatched and powerful fusion of performance and comfortable riding. This groundbreaking innovation is famous for its stylish look, extraordinary durability, and powerful performance.

The M-360 electric trike for seniors is designed to offer increased mobility and effortless cruising for seniors. The semi-recumbent design of this e-trike ensures increased control and offers comfortable sitting with its soft saddle and backrest. 

Let’s dive deep into the capabilities, attributes, and features of the M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike and explore how this can renovate your riding. 

Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Trike:

The Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent electric tricycle stands alone as an exceptional blend of power, design, innovation, and comfort. This impressive electric trike for seniors can revolutionize your riding into an enjoyable and unforgettable adventure of exploring unseen places. 

The M-360 e-trike has been upgraded recently and is equipped with a thrusting motor and a long-lasting efficient battery to offer you an effortless commute of up to 85+ miles per charge. Whether you are looking for a reliable source of daily commuting, adventurous cycling tours, or running errands the M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike is ready to give you the joys of power-assisted cycling.  

Construction and Design Features Of M-360 E-Trike:

Frame Material and Design:

The M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike is the first semi-recumbent trike of the world featuring triple drive. The frame is prepared with 7A19 alloy aluminum material to ensure increased durability and exceptional strength. 

The M-360 electric trike for seniors is available in 9 different eye-catching colors including cyan green, rose gold, purple, army green, orange, blue, pearl white, and red. 

Large Carrying Basket:

The M-360 e-trike comes with a large carrying metal bucket to increase loading capacity. You can effortlessly transport your small items and groceries with this carrying bucket. Furthermore, this bucket has its own waterproof bag to save your items from getting wet in case of unexpected rain.


The Addmotor M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike features a stylish look and eye-catching design. The new M-360 version trike is fitted with front and rear fenders to increase the design’s beauty and save you from dirt and splashes during rides.  

Fat Tires:

This semi-recumbent e-trike is equipped with 20 X 4 inches Kenda Gigas puncture-less fat tires. These versatile tires are highly convenient and efficient in gripping on all types of terrains. 

The width of the tires provides extra stability and makes them suitable for rough terrains, sandy beaches, and city streets. 

Power Features Of Addmotor M-360 Electric Trike For Seniors:

High Capacity Samsung Battery:

Your Addmotor M-360 electric trike for seniors is equipped with a huge capacity formidable Samsung cell battery of 48X20Ah. The battery is certified for UL standards and provides long-lasting power storage along with an impressive lifespan of 1000 to 1500 charging cycles. 

You can ride your M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike up to 85+ miles per charge with this long-lasting battery. 

Powerful Rear-Mounted Motor:

The Addmotor semi-recumbent e-trike boasts a rear-mounted motor of 750W.  This motor delivers robust thrust and exceptional torque of 80N.M for effortless performance of the trike.

This powerful motor of the M-360 electric trike for seniors increases its suitability of the trike to ther diverse needs of riders. Whether you want to run errands, transport small items, or go out on adventurous rides, this powerful motor will always exhilarate your journey with an extreme boost. 

Pedal Assistance and Throttle:

The Addmotor M-360 Semi Recumbent e-trike offers unmatched comfort in riding with its throttle and pedal assistance features. The trike is equipped with 7-levels of pedal assistance and a torque sensor to analyze the manual pedaling force and optimize the motor output accordingly to increase battery performance and power usage.

Moreover, this semi-recumbent adult 3-wheel electric bike features ½ twist throttle. You can get a thrust of power and increased speed by switching to throttle mode. 

Controller and Water-Proof Wiring:

The M-360 electric trike for seniors is installed with a standard Addmotor 25A controller for a precise and efficient transition. This responsive controller not only fastens the response time of different electronic circuits but also ensures efficient use of power. 

Furthermore, the trike is installed with water-proof wiring and connectors to ensure protection against rain and splashes. This waterproof harness saves the electric system of the trike from getting moisturized and increases the life span of the wiring. 

Safety Features of M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Trike:

180mm Tektro Disk Brakes:

The Addmotor’s semi-recumbent e-trike features highly efficient 180 mm Tektro mechanical disk brakes. These brakes are responsive and reliable in exerting the proper stopping force while stopping the bike in normal or emergencies. This triple braking system of the M-360 e-tricycle includes a dedicated brake for each tire.

Addmotor Digital Display:

M-360 adult 3-wheel electric bike is fitted with a multi-purpose 5-inch display with a dedicated USB port. This display is very useful in tracking the performance of your trike during rides. You can track the information of PAS level, battery status, speed, motor output, turning indicators, and status of lights on this display. 

Power Cut Switch:

The M-360 e-trike is equipped with a motor cut-off switch as a double layer of safety. This feature cuts off the motor power supply and switches the trike to manual pedaling whenever hard brakes are applied.

Integrated Lighting System:

The Addmotor M-360 electric trike for seniors features an integrated lighting system for increased visibility and safety during rides. This lighting system includes a powerful front light to illuminate the front area during low-light conditions.

Moreover, the lighting system has a multi-function tail light with brake and turning indicators. The tail light increases your visibility to others on the road and effectively signals your turning and stops to the commuters behind you.

Excessive Riding Comfort Of M-360 Electric Trike For Seniors:

Comfortable Saddle with Backrest:

The Addmotor M-360 e-trike is concentrated to offer you a more comfortable and luxurious riding experience. It features a soft and well-prepared saddle with a supportive backrest to prevent you from spinal stress and exhaustion. You can enjoy comfortable seating and rest your spine by taking support of the backrest during long rides. 

Front Fork:

While engineering M-360, Addmotor has paid special attention to reducing bumps and shocks of uncomfortable landscapes. The trike is installed with an Addshox steel front fork that is highly durable and effective in minimizing the effects and vibration of uneven terrain and hills. You can enjoy a more stable and smooth riding experience tackling different hard and easy terrains with your electric trike for seniors. 


The Addmotor semi-recumbent M-360 e-trike is one of the best models with amazing features and capabilities. The trike is designed to facilitate aged riders by offering unmatched riding comfort and user-friendly controls. This revolutionary trike is not just about style and semi-recumbent design it is a blend of power, durability, and a delightful riding experience. 

This adult 3-wheel electric bike features a powerful motor, high-capacity battery, plush saddle with backrest, front steel fork, 7-level pedal assistance, and torque sensor to make your rides unforgettable. whether you want to improve your mobility or enjoy the pleasures of cycling from city streets to hilly mountains, the M-360 electric trike for seniors is the most suitable companion for you.